Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, February 21, 2011

And Your Transfer Call Is

The Leano Family
Hi everyone!
 So last time I wrote I said that we would be getting our transfer calls later in the week. They came on Tuesday and Elder Müller and I were out doing some work when we got a phone call from the mission home. Whenever we get a call from themission home or mission office or even President's cell phone we know that one of us is going to be transferred. So we didn't answer the call because neither of us wanted to know! It was at 7 that we got the call and usually the calls only come after 8, so we decided to wait until later to call President back and we just continued working. So we got home around 8:00 because we knew that President wanted to talk to us, so we called him back and it turns out that...........I got transferred again! 
 President said that I will be serving in Richmond so that I would be able to work in the office more so that I can spend more time working on all the training videos that he would like to get done. So basically I am now an office elder, I honestly thought that I would never be called on my mission to do office work but, but I guess now I will truly be using my talents for the work here in B.C. So my new area is Richmond British Columbia and 80% of the population is Asian, that's alot. But the people here are also really nice My new companions name is Elder Williams and he's from Farmington Utah he's a good guy. But my new address is just the address of the mission home so 8440 Williams Road, Richmond BC V7A 1G6.
 I was pretty sad to leave Delta, I really grew to love it there, the members, the people we taught and it's weird but I miss walking all the time and talking to people. So pretty much on Wednesday I went and I said goodbye to as many people as we possibly could! Everyone was really sad to see me go especially Brad and Jocelyn and I didn't want to leave them either. Delta has changed SO much and it's like night and day from when I first arrived there to when I left. The members are all exited about doing missionary work now and the missionaries are working with 4 friends of members now, it's awesome plus I was talking to Elder Müller yesterday and he said that another member just brought one of their friends to church and now they are going to start teaching them! 
Jocelyn And Brad

 One of the most important things that I learned in Delta is to always do your best even when you don't see the results of your work and especially to put your trust and faith in Heavenly Father. I know that it was because of the spirit and the inspiration that it brought us that really changed Delta. I am grateful for the strength that Heavenly Father gave us and the determination to work really hard in Delta I can see now that when we do our best that Heavenly Father does the rest and miracles happen. What happened in Delta was a miracle I am so grateful for the chance that I had to serve there and learn and grow.

Elder Muller

 So in Richmond we currently have 4 baptismal date all within the next two months I'm really excited about that! I am also excited to work with Elder Williams in missionary work and also in the office, President has about 10 projects that he wants us to work on, and one of them involves buying an iMac! =)   OH and I got the package that you sent me too! I was so excited to get moosemunch and I eat it so much! It's like I have a whole drawer in my desk that has just candy in it too now! Can you let Shawn and Mattie know that I got the package that they sent me also, I'll be writing them latter today, did Cody get the video's that I sent him for his birthday yet? Is Dad's butt feeling better : P
 On Sunday night we had a meeting at the mission home with the youth in Delta, since I am in Richmond which is where the mission home is I was able to go. So it was nice to see everyone again even though it hasn't even been a week since I last saw everyone there. It was overall a good week though. Sorry it was such a short e-mail last week   

 If Colton or Kelsey ever have any questions they want to ask me they can send me a letter, Cody too! But he can just e-mail me! :)

Have a good week, I love YOU! 

Elder Kameron Lahache

Monteral Missionaries Serving In Vancouver
From Left To Right  Elder Morais Elder Vinces
Elder Lahache and Elder Morin


Monday, February 14, 2011

Reactivating The Lost Sheep

The Missionaries of Delta BC
 I really don't have too much time to write alot this week, so this will be a short e-mail sorry!
 This week has been really great though, we found 6 new investigators! I'm so excited about all of them, they're really 2 families who started to check out the church. the first family is part member family, that means that there is a member in the family who is a member of the church and the rest are now members. Anyway they are the Iklakh family they are from Fiji and have been living in Canada sine 1996 bro Iklakh has been inactive pretty much since he has arrived in Canada, and we decided to go and visit them and we talked a little bit about church and he told us that he really wants to come back he's just scared because it has been so long! Anyway his wife and his 2 children agreed to started meeting with us to learn more and they are so nice and I'm really excited for them
 The next family we were referred to by members, they are Philipino, their names are Raquel and Noel and I forget what their daughters name is. They remind me so much of Brad and Jocelyn because Noel is just like Brad was he isn't really sure if God exist and he says if God exists then why should he care. I'm super excited for them too! We started to teach them last week and I felt the spirit really strong in the lesson and it felt really good to testify to them about the Book of Mormon, I could tell that Raquel was feeling the spirit because her eyes lit up in the lesson and you can just see that she was feeling something. I love that feeling, because I am so happy when we teach and give the spirit a chance to testify the truthfulness of what we teach, because in the end it's the spirit that converts people not us. I realize that so much more now that I did at the beginning of my mission, it's weird to look back and think that it has been 6 months now, it seems like I just arrived at the MTC yesterday time is going by. I am so grateful for the chance that I have to serve my mission I am learning and growing so much, and I know that I wouldn't be able to have experiences like this anywhere else than here.  

So I got to go sorry it was such a short e-mail this week I hope everyone is well and I hope dad starts to get better soon, I'll pray for him.
Happy Valentines day! Love you!

Elder Kameron Lahache

Here is our Apartment

Monday, February 7, 2011

Putting My Talents To Work For The Lord !

 So this week was a great week too! But before I start telling you about some of the things that happened I forgot last time in my letter to ask Dad for some BBQ sauce, because he asked if I want some and YES I DO WANT SOME! I'll get people hooked on it here and then you have some more customers to sell the sauce too! Also I am on my last box of contacts so it should last 3 more months but just thought I would let you know.
 Ok so this week was really interesting, on Wednesday and Thursday Elder Müller had leadership training so I went on splits with Daniel Teixeira on Wednesday and then with Elder Williams on Thursday. It was really cool to go on splits with Daniel because he is preparing to serve his mission and he usually comes over once a week and does his morning studies with us, I think that's so awesome! I wish I did that when I was at home with the missionaries because I would have been so much more prepared, which is always good to be more prepared. But anyway I got to go on splits with Daniel on Wednesday and we visited Phil Hurt who is a very nice man and he has been investigating the church for quite some time, but then Delta was closed, and when it reopened the missionaries never went back and started to teach him. So when Elder Müller and I went there a few weeks ago he was really happy to see us. So when Daniel and I went over we taught him the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the spirit was really strong there and then I really loved the way that Daniel bore his testimony of prayer because it was so simply but true. So on Thursday I went on splits with Elder Williams, and I don't know how he found out but he found out that I went to school for film, so he asked me if I wanted to make a 15 mins video on using the new mormon.org

 I just thought that was really funny because throughout the week Elder Müller and I have been teaching member families about using their talents, and then out of nowhere I get this chance to use my talents that I gained at school. So Elder Williams and I started working on it and we pretty much have all the planning part done, so now the next step we need to take is all the filming and then just the editing, the video is going to be sent to all the stake and ward leaders as a training video on how to get members to create their own profile on mormon.org. So that was fun but i was really happy to get back to Delta and get back to work.

 On Thursday night we were coming home from an appointment, and we were waiting at the bus stop, in our appointment before a member gave us a frozen pizza to take home and we were planning on eating it the next day! So the bus stops to pick us up and this guy walks off the bus and asks me if that's food that I have. I said yeah it's a pizza, then he said ohhhhh then give it to me. I didn't even hesitate I was just like okay! I gave it to him and the look on his face was just priceless he was in total shock! I don't think that he thought I was going to give him the pizza but I just felt that he really needed that pizza more than Elder Müller and I did. So he said thank you and walked away with it, I got on the bus and I just felt really good inside and happy, just over something simple like that it was pretty funny too.

 This week we had a lesson with Christine who is a friend of the Leano family, and she had no religious background at all, so we taught he about God and how he is our loving Heavenly Father. It really clicked to me later that night that there are so many people in the world who still have no idea who God is and that's why it's so important for us to do what we do as missionaries, because it is the knowledge about Heavenly Father and his plan that gives us hope faith and happiness. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and the knowledge is brings that our families can be together forever! So Christine is really awesome and she is picking up on all the principles that we teach her. I'm so excited to see her gain a testimony!

 Next week is transfers again, so we'll see if I get transferred or not I think I might be transferred because I'm getting pretty comfortable here but Elder Müller thinks I will stay so we'll just have to wait and see.

 So yup that's it hope everyone has a good week! Miss you all lots

 Elder Kameron Lahache! :)