Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still In Burnaby !

Hey everyone!
 How is everyone doing? Well transfers were last week and once again, I'm staying in Burnaby! So by the time this transfer is over I will be here nine months! That's crazy and your right it's total opposite from last year me being transferred all over the place now I get to stay in one area for a really long time. Anyway I'm really happy that I get to stay in Burnaby for another transfer, it's weird everyone here treats me like another member in the ward, it's great! Plus I know everyone I practically know every street and I don't think there's ever been an English Elder that's served here for as long as I have. The work here is going great.

 We also got moved out of our old apartment, our new address is 5460 Hardy Court Burnaby, B.C. V5G 1R2

 It's a really nice apartment, we are truly blessed to be living there! I was sick this past week, pretty much the most sick that I've been my entire mission. But I'm better now and everything is okay, I had to stay home and sleep for two days though. It was really weird I'm happy it's over because I felt really uncomfortable not being able to do anything.

 Yesterday we were out in New Westminster, and there has been this less active member that we've been trying to get in contact with for the past few months but every time we try to drop by he's never home! He never answers his calls to so he's a really hard guy to get a hold of Bishop feels that we should work with him so we were doing everything we could to help. Anyway we were driving by his house on our way to go a visit another member, when I get this impression that we need to go and visit him. Without hesitation I pulled over and Elder Henderson asked what are you doing? I said I feel like we need to stop by this member, we went to his apartment and buzzed his number there was no answer. I said a prayer in my heart and asked Heavenly Father to give us a chance to help him, we tried one more time no answer again. So we turned around to leave and I see this man walking towards us in the dark, then I recognized that it was the man who we were trying to get in contact with! We talked for about 5 minutes and he told us how he thought it was so crazy that he ran into us and that he was thinking about us quite a bit the past few days. I told him that Heavenly Father wanted us to meet tonight and that we were here to help him. He's been trying to come back to church for a really long time now. So we set up a time to go and visit him and we'll be going on Saturday night. I'm so excited!

 I'm always so happy to be able to help someone accept the blessings of the Gospel. I know that the spirit inspires us as we listen and are humble. The spirit guides us in everything we do, I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for the gift of the Holy Ghost. We might start taking the bus here and give our car to someone who needs it more than us, I think it would be awesome we would get to talk to so many people and the public transportation here is really great too.

 So last week I borrow someone's jacket to go snow shoeing it was about -6 degrees not to cold. It was pretty much that cold here all week last week, but this past weekend everything warmed up and all the snow that we had melted away.

 Tell Doda that I received her card as well

Love you have a great week!


 Elder Kameron Lahache

Monday, January 16, 2012

Transfers Tomorrow

 Hello everyone!

 How is everyone doing today! We just got back from hiking on this mountain named Cyprus mountain, it's the mountain where they had the snowboarding events in the Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics. We went hiking right next to the ski runs, oh man it was nice! Cody would have been going crazy and saying "Sonny boy I wanna go snowboarding!" It was really nice. The snow was fresh powder which I honestly wasn't expecting because of how humid it gets here. Seeing the mountains helped me to make my decision that we are going to come back after my mission and go skiing/snowboarding here together.

View From Top Of Cyprus Mountain
 So we haven't moved apartments yet, we are starting to move all our furniture today so hopefully we'll be able to get it all done in time. I can't wait to get it out of the way so we can be 100% focused on the work here. Brother Ostertag one of the awesome members in Burnaby, he's in one of the pictures with me, is going to borrow his friends suburban so we can move all our beds and big pieces of furniture that we have. The new apartment that we're moving to is really nice, it's less than a year and a half old and the floors are all hardwood which is great for cleaning. It's a good size I'm really happy I found it, I don't remember the address right now, so for the birthday cards, I would say the best thing to do would be just to mail it to the mission office (8440 Williams road, Richmond B.C. V7A 1G6). We're going to be going there this week regardless of whether or not I get transferred because there is going to a be a training for all new missionaries and their trainers on transfer day.

Nations PRIDE!
Also we find out what's happening with transfers yet again, calls come on Tuesday night. We'll see if I get to stay in Burnaby for another transfer or not, if I do stay I will be here for a total of 9 months, that is incredibly rare in English work! I would like to serve in the north though I think it would be great, I'll be happy with wherever the Lord needs me to be!

This week has been awesome for the work here in Burnaby. We're so busy it's great, we received a referral from our bishop this week on Sunday, so we went a paid a visit to the family who he referred us to and they are PREPARED! We sat down and started to talk about what our purpose is as missionaries and how our message helps people come closer to Jesus Christ. The couple told us that they use to live in Guatemala, and they arrived in B.C. a little under 4 months ago. The wife's best friend was a member of the church there and because of that they have had much exposure to what we believe and they were impressed with it. They said that they are thinking about starting a family soon and they want to be involved with a church to give their children a strong foundation. They said that they feel that this is the right church for them and their future family they just feel they need to pray and ask God if this is what he wants for them. I was so happy because they were so opened and so willing to learn, it really makes you happy when you find someone who is genuinely interested in learning about the Gospel. I know that the Gospel does give us that sure foundation to build our lives upon and those who put their trust in Heavenly Father are blessed. So that's two new investigators this week and we've been finding 2 new consistently which is the best I've ever done on my mission. I know that Heavenly Father is leading us here. If the work continues to progress the way it has for the past
few weeks they might need to send in another set of Elders to help us keep up with everything that is going on here.

Elder Lahache and Elder Henderson
We started working with many part member families a few weeks ago and already we are starting to see the fruits of the labor. Families who haven't come to church in years are starting to come back! I am so grateful for the spirit which accompanies us as we teach these wonderful people because the spirit bear witness to them and teaches them that going to church is what they need to do. It's a wonderful feeling helping people come back, it's pretty much the same for me as helping people accept the covenants of baptism. I am truly beginning to feel the love that Heavenly Father has for all of his children. I know I still have alot to work on but I know that as long as I am humble and teachable that Heavenly Father will continue to shape me into the person that he wants me to be.

The scones that we made were delicious, but your right they don't even come close to being as good as mom's are. Those jams are amazing though! Harry and David's is the best, I got Elder Henderson addicted to Mose Munch and he is even more addicted to Arrowhead Sauce! He tries it with everything and he says that the sauce goes good with everything it doesn't matter what it is, the sauce makes it better. So we got people in B.C. and Utah who are interested in it now!

Elder Lahache and Brother Ostertag

Anyway for my birthday it was another day to work, we're going to eat out today for my birthday though so I'm excited for that.

 I love you!

 Elder Kameron Lahache

Monday, January 9, 2012

Crazy Busy

 Hey everyone! Man! I just feel like I have to apologize again for last week. We literally sat down to do e-mails and I wrote just a few sentences then I just remember that we had that appointment scheduled that day.

 So anyway this week has been crazy. We have so many appointments that we're going to everyday it's difficult to stay on top of things. Then when we get back at night we do our nightly planning then I lie down on my bed that night and I'm OUT! Then next thing I know it's 6:30 and the new day is already started.
 But it's great I love being a missionary. We have so many amazing experiences and I am learning to recognize the spirit more and more everyday. I act on any prompting I receive and the Lord is blessing us as we are being exactly obedient.

I went to the Wal-mart in Burnaby today and I picked up the pictures and I also exchanged for the new razor. They almost didn't let me do it, but then the lady decided that it would be okay so I was happy about that. I haven't had time to look at the pictures we've been trying to get everything done early today so that Elder Henderson and I would have time to write letters. I'm way behind on my letter writing so today is going to be catch up day.

 We're also moving to a new apartment this week. We've been looking for a new one for the past few week and we found one that we really like and to top it off it's only 2 minutes away from the church so we should be moving in either by the end of this week or early next week.

This week we were finally able to meet with that miracle lady Betty from a couple of months ago. I just kept feeling that I shouldn't give up on her so I kept calling and whenever we would call she would talk to us for at least 15 minutes with all these questions. Which is great because that shows that they are sincere and are interested in learning. So after many conversations on the phone and after overcoming a few barriers we met her and it was great. I would say that the highlight of the lesson was when we taught her about prayer. We taught her the steps to pray and the whole time we were able to tell that she was listening intently, at the end of the lesson we invited her to offer the closing prayer. After she finished praying she wrote in the pages of the copy of the Book of Mormon that she found on the ground and wrote "first real prayer" and then put the date and all who were present.

 It's so cool to see how Heavenly Father prepares people who are ready to receive this gospel. It just feels so great to share it, I know this will help her greatly in her life in every way possible. Sister Kane (Sister Ross' friend) bore her testimony on Sunday and spoke about the Gospel of Jesus Christ has enriched her life. I know that is true I was able to feel the spirit confirm to me what she said. That's why our job is so important, we help people to truly bring Christ into their lives.

 This week on Tuesday we are going to be having a mission training session from our area 70 Elder Christianson, I heard it's all about member work so I'm excited for that.

 Missionary work is awesome, I am so grateful for the experiences that we have everyday!

Tell Kelsey that I wish her a very happy happy birthday and that I love her!
 Have a great day!


 Elder Kameron Lahache

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Years!

Christmas Caroling with a member family

 Hey everyone

 It sounds like New Years was awesome this year again, were you there until super late cleaning up? We didn't get to do anything really for new years, we had to be in our apartments by 6:00. Then at 6:00 we did what's called weekly planning, basically we go through our week and make plans so that we can have an effective week.  I just realized that we have an appointment in 10 minutes. So I have to go! I'm sorry, my letter will be longer next week.
I cant wait to open my present!

I wonder what is in here its KILLING me

Our Christmas tree!
This is the last time to open my mission presents

 If anyone asks about what I need for b-day new black shoes would be good. Mine are wrecked. I'll have to take a pic with the new suit that I bought on boxing day and send it.

 Ok Love you!

 Elder Kameron Lahache