Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Gospel Changes Lives

 Hi :)
 Well this week has also went by incredibly fast! It was a very good week though, we taught about 7 lessons this week, we taught Phil Hurt,Terry Lewis, Brad and Jocelyn and also other people I just can't remember them all off the top of my head. I know I should remember those things but usually I have my planner with me but I forgot it
 I think the event that impacted me the most this week was when we went and taught Brad and Jocelyn again, I remember what it they were like when we first started to teach them. Brad was usually just sitting around not looking too happy and he always had a beard and Jocelyn always seemed like she was upset about something, it just seemed like they were really looking for something to make their life brighter and better. So we got over to their house I believe on Tuesday and Brad answered the door, it was crazy I didn't even recognize him he shaved his beard off fixed his hair, I guess basically he really cleaned himself up, he really looked 10 years younger. Jocelyn too she has been way more happier every time that we come over to teach and she always reads when we ask her to read something in the Book of Mormon. It is truly a humbling experience to see someones testimony begin to grow. It was weird though because the change has been really gradual and they have been changing ever since we started to teach them I guess I just finally noticed is this week though.

 I know that as we apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives that we will find more happiness than we have ever felt in our lives, not just temporarily either but happiness that we will remember in our hearts for the rest of our lives.
 This week our member work has really started to get rolling also! There is a family that we visit almost every week and their name in the Leaños, they're phillipino and they're awesome! We have been doing all that we can to get their friends involved in church and finally this week we saw the fruits of our labors, because one of their friends name Christine has now started to take the lessons with us and now she plans on coming to church in the next few weeks! But yeah the Leaños are awesome, I'm so grateful for the wonderful members that we have in this ward in Delta to help support us whether it be by having us over for supper or giving us rides when we need it or even just helping us with ideas on how to get the ward more involved. The work truly is beginning to pick up in Delta and I'm really happy and excited about it, I know that it is all because of the Lord as he see's our faith increase he has blessed us with the succes that we have been seeing. So I think within the next month we'll have three investigators with a baptismal date! It's going to be awesome!
Got to love Julep

 Anyway I did receive the amazing birthday package this week! Thank you soooooooo much for the very delicious Orange Julep, I went crazy on the fist bottle and finished it in a day! But now I have to be careful with the rest that is left so I drinking it sparingly. Thank you for the new camera too! It's so funny because Elder Muller just bought that same exact camera except a different color so now we're camera buddies. 

 I loved getting my birthday package it made my day better, I really liked that card that you sent too. I'm glad to hear that everyone is better from the flu and happy to hear that everything is going well!
Have a good week
Elder Kameron Lahache

Monday, January 24, 2011

The work Is Progressing!

 Hope everyone is feeling better, apparently there has been a flu bug that has been going around here too, but luckily Elder Muller and I have not gotten sick!

 I did not get my package yet so I will probably receive it by next week, I guess you sent it to the mission office.

This week was a good week yet again! it seems like we've been having good weeks lately, we were so busy all week though especially on Saturday and Sunday. We were just running all over the place from appointment to Appointment just trying to get everywhere on time. Now I understand why the missionaries were late so many times to come and eat supper at our place.  

 The weather has been really weird here one day it's nice and sunny in the morning and then it rains about an hour later, we have to be prepared for anything and lately we've just been walking around and taking the bus. It's alot better than just riding the bikes in the rain which is nice. 

 On Saturday we got to do our first service project we went to a park in Delta and we help plant trees, it's funny because we signed up for it and we arrived there on Saturday morning more than half of the people that showed to help out were members in our ward! So it was really great, the workers that were in charge of the event were really happy with the amount of people that showed up and we planted around 200 trees crazy.  

 We taught quite a few lessons this week which was great we taught Richard, Brad and Jocelyn, Terry Lewis and Phil Hurt. Jocelyn is the lady who we set with a baptismal date and she is supper excited about it, we went over the word of wisdom with her last week so this week we came back and she showed us the pamphlet that we left with her so she could read it over and she had almost the whole thing highlighted and she had question marks next to things that she didn't understand it was awesome so we answered all of her questions.

 She's great I don't think I ever told you guys but what's really cool is that she's Native! She's picking up all the doctrines really well and she says that she really feels a difference in her life as she has began to pray more and read the Book of Mormon daily, she's going to be baptized I know it.

 Tonight we also have our big FHE event that we've been planing for the last few weeks, everyone is planning on attending and it should be really good I'm really excited to watch the restoration DVD with everyone because I always feel the spirit really strong when I watch that movie. We're planning on having a really successful week again this week.

 I'll let you know when I get the package I'm excited to get it, oh and tell Auntie Patricia that I said thank you for the package that she sent me! I should be writing her a letter later today!

Hope everyone gets feeling better soon, Have a good week!
Love <3!!!!!!
Elder Kameron Lahache

Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 23 - Stake Conference With Russel M. Nelson


 It's weird because I actually forgot that Tuesday was my 5-month mark! I was too excited about my birthday the next day! But it's true time has been flying by and it just seems like it's going faster everyday, especially since we're always out doing something.

The work here in Delta has been really picking up in the last two weeks this week we
taught 7 lessons which isn't that many but it's great for an area that only had one lesson a week when I first got here. Were finding many people who want to meet with Elder Muller and I.

Elder Muller Prepairing for the days work
This week we were really focusing on contacting people who formerly investigated the church in the past, many of the people were last taught in 2008 and I believe at the end of that year Delta was closed, so all those people had no idea why the missionaries stopped coming by.

We found 3 new people to teach out of the former investigators that we've contacted so far, Terry Harris (really nice open minded guy AND he plays guitar!) Phil Hurt (Had two children Harrison and Danielle really family oriented) and Hassan (he is Islam possibly one of the most difficult religions to have to deal with in the world!). We are very grateful that the Lord has trusted Elder Muller and I with teaching these new and amazing people

The family home evening that were planning to do on the 24th is on schedule and we've invited 3 families and their friends, I'm really excited to help families with their missionary work because once they feel how great and happy it makes you they will want to do it so much more!

 Yesterday we had stake conference only it was really special because Russell M. Nelson from the Quorum of the 12 came and spoke to the Surrey stake, which is the stake I'm serving in. It was truly inspiring to hear him and it reminded me of when I was in the MTC and I got to see Jeffery R. Holland, because I felt the spirit really strongly when I heard both of them speak. I think it's really neat because really it's not seeing these men that proves that they are truly called of God but it's the spirit that testifies to us the truthfulness of their message that leaves a real impression in our hearts. It also helps me really to see that it's not our teaching skills that convert people but it is when they open their hearts to the spirit and then the spirit touches them.

We set a baptismal date with Jocelyn this week too! For March 12th, it's funny because we only met with Jocelyn twice but while we were there we talked with her about Alma 32, we asked her what she felt whenever we were at her house. She said she felt really good and whenever we came over she felt really happy and she wanted to feel that way all the time. So we took the opportunity, and invited her to be baptized. I was really touched because when we invite people to be Baptized I find that usually I'm a little hesitant but this time when we extended the invitation I just felt really happy, no doubts in my mind it just felt good it felt right. I can just imagine how happy Heavenly Father was when she said yes because I was just so happy too!

It was really cool because that was on my birthday too so it was nice a birthday present.

Finally A real SNOW FALL !!
 This week we got to do some service but not at the recreation center yet! That should be starting out next week, but on Tuesday night it snowed quite a bit for B.C. and we woke up in the morning and there was snow all over! So we went to a member’s house that lives just down
the street from us and we asked if we could borrow their shovels. Then we went out and just started to shovel people's drive ways, it's funny because there was this one guy who was doing his and Elder Muller and I just went to his driveway and without saying anything we just started to help him, his face was really funny because it was a confused grateful expression. So we stated talking and then we pretty much taught him about the Restoration, it's really cool to see how giving service more than anything helps people to see that you care and then they listen. Jesus Christ was a perfect example of that!

 On my birthday we got a pizza from Shawn H! which was great, and we also had our district meeting on Wednesday too and we had an ice cream cake for my birthday! So it was a really good day and a good week.

 Tell everyone at home that I appreciate their support and especially their prayers

LOVE YOU have a good week!

Elder Kameron Lahache :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 22

Hello Everyone!

 Well this week went by so fast! Elder Muller and I have been working really hard, at the end of last week we were a little discouraged, because we had only a few lessons taught at the end of the week so this week our main focus was finding people and new ways to find people especially! So I have to say that preach my gospel is truly an inspired book, at the beginning of the week I was praying really earnestly asking Heavenly Father what we can do differently to find more people. I find especially on my mission that Heavenly Father has been answering many of my prayers when I go to find guidance through the scriptures and all the resources that we have to use. Anyway so one day during my personal study I was reading in Preach My Gospel and there was just a list of ideas to use to find people.

  I read that whole list and while I was reading it I was also coming up with new ideas that we could implement. One of the ideas that Elder Muller and I came up with is that we're going to have a BIG FHE at a members house where members will all come together and they can bring some of their friends and we'll watch the restoration and play a game and then have some food. So more on the casual side to make everyone comfortable but also an environment where the spirit can be felt.

 Also we took the advice of Shawn H and we are going to be volunteering at a recreation center and working with children who have disabilities I'm really excited for that. It reminds me a bit of when I went to the hospital every week at home and I enjoyed that alot, so I know that this will be good too. It will also help give us a good name, especially here in Delta because it's a smaller town.

 We also started to teach 2 new investigators this week! Which is sweet! Their names are Omar and Paul. Omar is Islam so it was very interesting to teach him, the Islam faith shares some really similar beliefs the main difference between the two is that we know that Jesus Christ is the son of God while they believe that he was just another prophet called of God. He was open to our teaching but I also felt that he was a little hard hearted, so hopefully as he feels that spirit it will slowly open his heart. There was a pretty good thing that came out of going to meet with him though, because he invited us to a inter-faith conference, so we'll be able to go there and set up a booth and have all these people just come to us, instead of us going all over looking for people! 

 The other investigator who we started teaching is Paul, I'm really excited for him because he was a media referral from the Hawaii temple visitors center! He was really excited to meet with us when we called him and so when we went teach him he was really accepting and when we told him about the first vision I felt the spirit really strong. So he agreed to meet with us again, so I'm really excited. 

 Overall things are starting to pick up in Delta, Elder Muller and I are both focused on the work and doing all the we can to find and teach all those children of Heavenly Father who are being prepared! 

 Also I either this week or next week I'm gonna send back the HUGE nikon camera because it's too big, so can you send me the Kodak one that I have, that way I'll be able to take alot more pictures and send it to you, because it's so annoying to have to carry this huge one everywhere I go. Which is funny because mom kinda predicted that would happen, haha.

Anyway hope everyone has a good week! 
Love you! 

Elder Kameron Lahache

P.S. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Kelsey!!!!! Happy birthday to you! Your nine years old now that's crazy! Hope you had a good day Love you =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone! Week 21

Hi! Happy New Year!
Well this week has been interesting and ALOT has happened. On Monday night we got a call from President Nelson and Elder Nielson got transferred to Terrace which is way up north! We knew transfers were going to be early this transfer so that the elders going home would be able to get back for school. But we honestly thought that neither of us were going to be getting transferred, so we were both really surprised to find out. But we do need to put our trust in the Lord, he has a plan and everything will work out. So yeah we got the transfer call on Monday night and then Elder Nielson left on Wednesday, it was hard we became pretty good companions in the short amount of time that we were together. I really think that the Lord is trying to get me used to change, which I'm getting better at, I just think it's funny because I haven't had a single companion for more than 1 transfer yet!
I love my Christmas package !
My new companion's name us Elder Muller only he's from Switzerland so his name is pronounced Mewller and he has those two little dots on top of the U in his name. He seems like a really nice guy, he's been out on his mission for a little over a year, we get along well so everything is going good so far.
So this week has been hard for us to find people to teach, I think because it's still the Holidays and many people are busy, but we plan on changing that this week, our goal is still to turn Delta into an amazing area, where we find many people to teach. We still do alot of tracting it seemed like alot when I first got here but now it doesn't seem like it's as much because we've done it so much here. We have a few potentials that we hope and pray will turn into investigators, I also know that if we have faith and put our trust in the Lord that he can help us accomplish what he has asked us to do. I guess pretty much like what Nephi said =). My testimony of scriptures grows more and more everyday, I love doing my personal study and then our companion study I learn so much, many of my prayers have been answered through the scriptures and I know that as we search the scriptures and really look for inspiration we receive it. They bring me peace and comfort and even encouragement when I'm feeling down, so I'm grateful that Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us scriptures like the Book of Mormon and the Bible and D&C.
Check out our fireplace !
It's weird to think that in less than 10 days I will be 20 years old! I don't even feel like I'm 20, I'm supposed to be alot more mature and grown up but I'm still just me, and I still like to fool and joke around. Although I feel that I have grown up alot on my mission, the gospel really does change lives. I still think that I have alot more growing left to do too. It was nice to talk to everyone at home, it was weird because when I was talking to you it seemed like I just saw everyone yesterday, but it has been a while and were just so busy on a mission that time doesn't really matter, it's more what are we going to do to help the work progress that matters.
I honestly have no idea what to ask for my birthday, I guess money will be alright and then if I ever see anything that I need I will buy it, some Julep would be nice but I understand that it's not possible so it's okay. tell Kelsey that I said Happy Birthday and I'd like to thank everyone that sent me Christmas cards and packages it made my Christmas that much better!

Have a good week! Love you!!! <3 =)
Elder Kameron Lahache