Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, March 28, 2011

Heavenly Father puts people in our path

 Well this week was amazing! Yesterday we had Andrew's baptism, he was so excited. His baptism was at 1:00 yesterday, there were many members from the ward that came to support Andrew it was great! President Nelson was there even! The spirit was there really strong there. Andrew told us after the baptismal service that when we gave him the gift of the holy ghost, that he felt this really warm feeling and that he felt so happy. It was like a happiness that he never felt in his life, he said that he was so grateful for the gospel and how it's changed his life. The experience that I've had to teach Andrew and see him grow has truly strengthen my testimony that this is Christ's true church on the earth, that the gospel of Jesus Christ bring us true
 happiness and if we live it will help us to fulfill our true potential. I am so grateful for the chance that I had to grow up raised in the gospel, even though I took it for granted for the majority of my life. We can feel of our Heavenly Father's love in great abundance as we follow the example that Jesus Christ set for us and we keep the commandments. So Andrew's baptism was really awesome and I'm grateful for him and I know that he will be strong member and will do many great things in the church. 
Andrew At His Baptism

 This week we got to work with President alot too, we are nearing the completion of finishing our mormon.org video we hope to get it done by the end of this week. On Wednesday we went to an area called Whiterock with President Nelson. We filmed him giving a training session that was given to members on how to work with the new mormon.org campaign that the church has been working really hard on. We worked with President to create the training and basically it involves how to create a mormon.org profile using the new mormon.org pass along cards as well as being aware of all the advertisements that the church has been rolling out, telling people if they want to learn more about the church go to mormon.org to learn more. It's such an awesome website and I really like it alot because I work so much with it. So yeah we have a bunch of other footage that we can use like screen captures, member testimonies and interviews with president that I will have to somehow magically make flow all together. So that's what I'm going to be doing this upcoming week lots of editing.
 Oh and something really cool happened yesterday, so we were driving home from church, Elder Williams was looking out the window and he randomly saw a bunch of trees that were blue. So we said hey lets go take some sweet pictures with them. So we were in the middle of taking pictures and this lady just came walking up to us and said "Hey you guys are all dressed up to take some pictures?". We said yeah were actually missionaries for our church she thought that was awesome and she said that she is Christian and has been looking for a church to go to. She said that she's heard many good things about our church, so we asked he if she wanted us to come over sometime and talk more about it. She said yeah so we got her number and we gave her ours. I'm always amazed at how Heavenly Father puts people in our path, even if it was doing something as simple as going to take pictures next to trees. It just helps me understand and believe even more that this is the lord's work.
Some Random BLUE Trees!

 So to answer your questions, Yes I had an awesome visit with Christian, it was really great to be able to see him and I was surprised to hear that he moved to Toronto but I know he and Carter will do good things there too! He's such a funny guy! All the Julep is gone I finished it in less than 4 days! It was GLORIOUS! I love that drink, I let some of the elders here try just a little bit and everyone said it was awesome. They should make an orange Julep here in BC I think many people will buy it. Got the arrowhead sauce too! I let the other missionaries try that too and now everyone keeps begging to use it with everything they make. Tell sonny boy it's time to start selling that! =) President didn't get to try some yet, but he said that he wants to have Elder Williams and I over and we'll cook the ribs together!

 So Tajinder was baptized about 2 weeks ago, we weren't able to go to the baptism BUT I was able to speak to her on the phone she was so happy. I never thought that my mission would have such a huge impact on people, it's really humbling to me. I know that it's all possible because of the Lord. In we have one investigator who is progressing right now and his name is Ethan, he's so cool we're going to be meeting with him on Wednesday, he came to Andrew's baptism on Sunday too. Ethan said that when he gets baptized he wants to do it somewhere epic like the ocean or a lake. That's completely possible in Richmond because the ocean is right next to us! But I think it's so cool because he went from saying if I do this and if I get baptized to when I get baptized, so I think he's almost ready.
 Hope everyone is having a sweet day!

Love You,

Elder Lahache

Sonny boy I'm in AMERICA! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Excited About Missionary Work!

Hi Everyone! 

 This week was really exciting! Yesterday Andrew came to church again, he is still doing awesome......so awesome that he's getting baptized next Sunday! I am so grateful for the opportunity to see him learn and grow in the gospel, teaching him has also helped strengthen my testimony that Heavenly Father truly does prepare people to hear the message of the restored gospel. Elder Williams and I are really excited for his baptism it's going to be held right after church on Sunday at 1:00 so everyone in the ward will be able to come to the baptism and support Andrew. He's read the whole Book of Mormon and he's already on the 104th section of the Doctrine and Covenants it just blows me away how quick he just flies through all the material that we give him. I'm so happy for him and the decision that he has made to be baptized. It's so cool because we didn't even have to be the ones who asked him to be baptized he asked us! He has such a pure heart and he he truly wants to do what Heavenly Father asks of him. I actually learned a lot from him, on Saturday we were helping a member move into a new apartment, turns out the apartment that the member was moving into was the same apartment complex that Andrew lived in. So we gave him at call and asked him if wanted to help and he did even though it was still a little early in the morning, he is so kind and willing to help. He'll be an awesome missionary too, and he wants to go on a mission because he's only 22 so he will be able to if he wants. It's so cool though because he's giving away copies of the Book of Mormon to his friends and his family. I was thinking about it yesterday and I finally started to realize the real impact that we have on the lives of others. With Andrew being baptized it will affect his family and his friends which will affect their friends and family and it just goes on continually like a ripple effect. I know a little bit now how Shawn must feel with me being on a mission. It's truly humbling to experience.
St. Patricks Day at the office.
 Two Irishmen and a Mohawk 
 Being in the office is really fun, we are about half way through completion of the mormon.org movie. It is becoming more and more of a training video than anything because that is what President Nelson is asking us to do. It's funny because we spend so much time with President Nelson now that we are in office at least 2-3 times a week, which is way more than most missionaries ever see him. He is nearing the end of his mission and a new mission president is coming at the end of June, it will be different to see the changes that happen but I am excited for those changes and I'm also excited to get to know the new mission president as well. I'm not sure if I told you or not but remember that temple DVD that we finished working on a few weeks ago, well apparently, they're sending it to Salt Lake because the temple department would like to see it. 

 That is really crazy for me to even think about I never in a million years thought that our video would be that big of a deal. So we'll wait and see to see what happens with that.
 We are going to be heading out to America this Friday, to start teaching a members husband and Elder Williams an I are way excited to teach him. We are really excited because the ward is getting excited about missionary work too, because of Andrew being baptized, I think it's so funny once members get a taste of how strong missionary work
can bring in the spirit they just want to do it even more!

Fresh Julep delivered By Christian Perras!
Merci mon ami!

 Oh and I just got a call from Christian and I'm going to see him at 12:00
 Take care, I love you all Have a good week and your all in my prayers
 Elder Kameron Lahache

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fruits Of Past Labors

Hey everyone!

 Hope everyone is having a good week so far! The work here in Richmond is going great! We taught 5 lessons last week which isn't much but considering that we have to balance the office with missionary work I think Elder Williams and I are doing a god job so far. Movie stuff is coming along great, we for real finished the temple grounds tour DVD that we have been working on for the past 4 weeks, and it's really nice to finally know that your finished with a project so I'm really happy about it. I'll have to burn a copy of it and send it to everyone at home.

 This week Andrew came to church for the first time, and he loved it he said that everyone was friendly and he felt comfortable and everything that could have gone right did! He was so happy and I felt great because he was happy too! I am so happy for him and it strengthens my testimony so much to see him progress in the gospel and see the blessings in his life that it brings. Every time we go over to his house to teach him he's always super excited to talk to us about the Book of Mormon and different experiences he's had during the week. It's so awesome because he wants us to come over we don't even need to schedule appointments with him he calls us almost everyday and invites us over. We've seen him 3 days straight already, it's really different for me because I've never taught anyone who is so ready to hear our message and it's just such a blessing Elder Williams and I that we are the one privileged with teaching him. Today we are going over to his house again and we are going to talk about temples, because yesterday the temple was mentioned a couple of times in sacrament meeting and he was asking about it. The other day we went over and taught him the word of wisdom we didn't even have to commit him to live it he just said I want to live it and I will start today! It's like WOW, he's so great. We are hoping that he will hit his baptismal date on March 27th, I think he's going to make it, especially at this rate that he is progressing. We've only been teaching him for a few weeks now but already he has read 2/3 or the Book of Mormon.

  This week I also got a call from Elder Muller, while I was in Delta we found this lady tracting and her name is Tajinder it was around 3 months ago that we first met her, it was when I was still companions with Elder Nielson. Anyway we started to teach her but then we found out that she lived outside of the Delta boundaries so we had to pass her off to the sister missionaries. Well Tajinder is going to be getting baptized this Saturday coming! I'm so happy and it's especially rewarding to be able to see someone who we started teaching be baptized,s we might be going down to her baptism.    

 This week We've been going through many potential investigators that have never really been followed up with and we are finding lots of people to teach, we started to teach this guy named Chris and his mom was a member of the church. He's awesome too we taught him about the restoration, and after we finished telling him about it he said well it sounds like I'm pretty much in the same situation as Joseph Smith was in, I guess I'm going to have to pray like he did.
 Stuff in the office is going well too, we are working on the mormon.org video now along with getting video conference calls set up for the areas up north.

 The work in Richmond is picking up though, I still am trying to learn everyone in the ward here, it usually takes me a while to get to know everyone.

 Anyway that's it for this week hope everything went well in Florida, and I hope everyone has a good week!

Bye, Love

Elder Kameron Lahache

Monday, March 7, 2011

Finding A Balance

 Hey everyone! 

I hope your all enjoying Florida in the awesome weather there! The weather in Richmond has been amazing it has been 7-10 degrees everyday and the sun has pretty much been out everyday it's nice and a really big change to the way the weather has been here for the past 3 months! It's so funny how much of an impact the weather has on how nice people are. This week went by so fast! We are starting to get things moving in the office and we're making progress, we finished the Temple DVD this week, so I will be able to send a copy of that home for you guys to see, we didn't do any recording ourselves for this video we just took clips from other movies and  put them together. It's good though and I'm really excited for members to start using it. We scheduled all of our interviews that we need for the mormon.org video so those will be happening on Saturday the rest of the pieces we will be putting together throughout the week. So that movie should be done around the end of next week or the week of the 21 latest!

This week we were able to meet with Andrew again he was the guy who called the church asking for more literature to learn about us, anyway we went back and talked with him. We left him the restoration pamphlet to read and he read it and he said that he believes all of it to be true. It's so weird for me to see that because I've never found someone who is so open and who has been so prepared to accept the gospel. It almost seems too easy for me. But I am so happy for him and he is really coming along, we have another teaching appointment with him today. Yesterday I really noticed how happy it makes me to be out talking with people about the church, I noticed it before but I guess I only took the time to really think about why I feel the way I do yesterday. I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve my mission. For the spirit that I feel and also for the experiences that I've had so far.

 I'm getting better at balancing office work and missionary work, in the office I need to be efficient and quick were if I'm out I have to be more personal, the personal side comes more naturally to me I find where being an office person I'm still working on getting it to become a part of who I am. Elder Williams is really good at it though and he's teaching me so much! I'm so happy that he's my companion I don't know what I would do without him!

 The work in Richmond is going good too on Friday we had a lesson with another one of our investigators his name is Ethan, for the past few weeks Ethan has been trying to be logical about how he finds truth about religion and we've been trying to get him to understand that the only way that he will find what he is looking for is if he asks God.Then on Friday his whole attitude just changed, he wasn't trying to undermine us logically like he normally does, he was open and he had questions he also told us at the end of the lesson, that he now realizes there are certain things that we as missionaries cannot explain and that if he really wants to find God he is going to have to pray. I was so happy that he realized that, I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers especially as we come to him with humble hearts.

Hope you guys are having an awesome time in Florida I'm excited to see sweet pictures of your time there!

 That's going to be so sweet that you get to see Alex Ovechkin play his game! Let me know who wins that game? Who's going with you to it? So yeah I don't think that the adobe stuff was with the laptop when it
got stolen, I'm not 100% sure though. But if you can't find it that's ok. How long are you guys going to be in Florida for?

 Love you

 Elder Kameron Lahache

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life In The Office

 Hey everyone!
Me and my MAC !
 Sorry it has taken me such a long time to write today! We had a crazy busy day in the office and we pretty much lost our whole P-Day because we have been running errands all day. I hope everyone is having a good week so far! I can't believe that your already getting ready to go to Florida! It's crazy that it's March tomorrow too! So I will start by answering the questions that you've asked me. Our main focus while working in the office is still missionary work, we work in the office from 10-4 and then we are on the streets and in the neighborhoods from 4-9, it's really different and I'm still getting used to switching from office mode to missionary mode. But it's fun and it's a new experience so that's good. 

We have our own apartment only it's pretty packed we live in a two bedroom apartment with 6 missionaries! I would send you pictures of the place because it is really nice, it's just impossible to keep it clean because of how many people are living there! It's fun though and I like being around other missionaries because I learn from them. We have started two videos 1) Temple tour DVD for the temple here in Vancouver, president asked us to make one so that if members or missionaries want to show their friends around the temple then there will be video like there usually is at temple open houses. That one we are just about done only we've been using a PC to make it so it's alright, that's why we need the Mac. 2) I'm a Mormon DVD, basically this is a training video that we are creating for all of B.C. our main goal with this is to get members of the church to go on mormon.org and create their own profiles. I think I sent you the link to mine this week. President has asked us to do other videos too but those are our primary focus right now. It's so funny because we have become the office tech support here! I honestly never thought I would be doing this especially no my mission.

 When investigators that I have taught in the past get baptized I will be able to go and see their baptismal service which is really nice, because I know that there will be baptisms happening there really soon! Plus Delta is only about 10-15 mins away drive from Richmond. I get to see my old companion Elder Muller alot too! Last P-Day we went and ate sushi together and it was pretty fun!
Trying octopus a a local sushi bar
 This week I was humbled once again! On Friday we received a call from a man named Andrew Kingsley he said that he was interested in learning more about the church and he was requesting some literature that he could read and learn more. That doesn't happen everyday! So we went by and visited him on Saturday and he is awesome, he already has such a strong belief in God and a testimony in Jesus Christ. When we started talking about the restoration and Joseph Smith's first vision he said "You know what I completely believe that's true, why couldn't have Joseph seen a vision it's completely possible I believe it." I was shocked I had never seen a man so prepared to accept missionaries as Andrew was.

 Earlier in the week I was feeling like we weren't fulfilling our purpose as missionaries enough because of all the time that we were spending in the office, I felt like we weren't finding anyone to teach and it was annoying because I was so used to being out talking to people all the time and in the office it's not like that. But obviously "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing" Heavenly Father knows that Elder Williams and I are trying our best to balance our two jobs and that it's not really easy and I know that he put Andrew in our so that he could learn because he was searching but also to increase our faith in him. I know the Lord blesses us as our desires are in line with his desires and we are willing to do what he commands us.
 Many awesome things happened for us this week, today we received another referral and we are going to see him tomorrow and from what I hear he's another solid guy! We got the Mac today, we are getting the rest of the camera equipment we need this week so things will really start moving this week and I'm really excited to get things done! This transfer has been alot more easier for me to adapt so far, I can see that it is becoming easier for me to accept change. I know it's becoming easier because I am learning to put my trust in Heavenly Father. I know that he gives us weaknesses so that we will turn to him, and it is when we turn to him that he makes our weaknesses strong, and with the Lord anything is possible. Through the Lord we
 will become good strong people and we will fulfill our true potential.
 Anyway that's all that has been happening here. I'm sorry I'm sending this so late again! Hope everyone has an awesome week! Fun in Florida too!
 Elder Kameron Lahache