Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fruits Of Past Labors

Hey everyone!

 Hope everyone is having a good week so far! The work here in Richmond is going great! We taught 5 lessons last week which isn't much but considering that we have to balance the office with missionary work I think Elder Williams and I are doing a god job so far. Movie stuff is coming along great, we for real finished the temple grounds tour DVD that we have been working on for the past 4 weeks, and it's really nice to finally know that your finished with a project so I'm really happy about it. I'll have to burn a copy of it and send it to everyone at home.

 This week Andrew came to church for the first time, and he loved it he said that everyone was friendly and he felt comfortable and everything that could have gone right did! He was so happy and I felt great because he was happy too! I am so happy for him and it strengthens my testimony so much to see him progress in the gospel and see the blessings in his life that it brings. Every time we go over to his house to teach him he's always super excited to talk to us about the Book of Mormon and different experiences he's had during the week. It's so awesome because he wants us to come over we don't even need to schedule appointments with him he calls us almost everyday and invites us over. We've seen him 3 days straight already, it's really different for me because I've never taught anyone who is so ready to hear our message and it's just such a blessing Elder Williams and I that we are the one privileged with teaching him. Today we are going over to his house again and we are going to talk about temples, because yesterday the temple was mentioned a couple of times in sacrament meeting and he was asking about it. The other day we went over and taught him the word of wisdom we didn't even have to commit him to live it he just said I want to live it and I will start today! It's like WOW, he's so great. We are hoping that he will hit his baptismal date on March 27th, I think he's going to make it, especially at this rate that he is progressing. We've only been teaching him for a few weeks now but already he has read 2/3 or the Book of Mormon.

  This week I also got a call from Elder Muller, while I was in Delta we found this lady tracting and her name is Tajinder it was around 3 months ago that we first met her, it was when I was still companions with Elder Nielson. Anyway we started to teach her but then we found out that she lived outside of the Delta boundaries so we had to pass her off to the sister missionaries. Well Tajinder is going to be getting baptized this Saturday coming! I'm so happy and it's especially rewarding to be able to see someone who we started teaching be baptized,s we might be going down to her baptism.    

 This week We've been going through many potential investigators that have never really been followed up with and we are finding lots of people to teach, we started to teach this guy named Chris and his mom was a member of the church. He's awesome too we taught him about the restoration, and after we finished telling him about it he said well it sounds like I'm pretty much in the same situation as Joseph Smith was in, I guess I'm going to have to pray like he did.
 Stuff in the office is going well too, we are working on the mormon.org video now along with getting video conference calls set up for the areas up north.

 The work in Richmond is picking up though, I still am trying to learn everyone in the ward here, it usually takes me a while to get to know everyone.

 Anyway that's it for this week hope everything went well in Florida, and I hope everyone has a good week!

Bye, Love

Elder Kameron Lahache

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