Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 23 - Stake Conference With Russel M. Nelson


 It's weird because I actually forgot that Tuesday was my 5-month mark! I was too excited about my birthday the next day! But it's true time has been flying by and it just seems like it's going faster everyday, especially since we're always out doing something.

The work here in Delta has been really picking up in the last two weeks this week we
taught 7 lessons which isn't that many but it's great for an area that only had one lesson a week when I first got here. Were finding many people who want to meet with Elder Muller and I.

Elder Muller Prepairing for the days work
This week we were really focusing on contacting people who formerly investigated the church in the past, many of the people were last taught in 2008 and I believe at the end of that year Delta was closed, so all those people had no idea why the missionaries stopped coming by.

We found 3 new people to teach out of the former investigators that we've contacted so far, Terry Harris (really nice open minded guy AND he plays guitar!) Phil Hurt (Had two children Harrison and Danielle really family oriented) and Hassan (he is Islam possibly one of the most difficult religions to have to deal with in the world!). We are very grateful that the Lord has trusted Elder Muller and I with teaching these new and amazing people

The family home evening that were planning to do on the 24th is on schedule and we've invited 3 families and their friends, I'm really excited to help families with their missionary work because once they feel how great and happy it makes you they will want to do it so much more!

 Yesterday we had stake conference only it was really special because Russell M. Nelson from the Quorum of the 12 came and spoke to the Surrey stake, which is the stake I'm serving in. It was truly inspiring to hear him and it reminded me of when I was in the MTC and I got to see Jeffery R. Holland, because I felt the spirit really strongly when I heard both of them speak. I think it's really neat because really it's not seeing these men that proves that they are truly called of God but it's the spirit that testifies to us the truthfulness of their message that leaves a real impression in our hearts. It also helps me really to see that it's not our teaching skills that convert people but it is when they open their hearts to the spirit and then the spirit touches them.

We set a baptismal date with Jocelyn this week too! For March 12th, it's funny because we only met with Jocelyn twice but while we were there we talked with her about Alma 32, we asked her what she felt whenever we were at her house. She said she felt really good and whenever we came over she felt really happy and she wanted to feel that way all the time. So we took the opportunity, and invited her to be baptized. I was really touched because when we invite people to be Baptized I find that usually I'm a little hesitant but this time when we extended the invitation I just felt really happy, no doubts in my mind it just felt good it felt right. I can just imagine how happy Heavenly Father was when she said yes because I was just so happy too!

It was really cool because that was on my birthday too so it was nice a birthday present.

Finally A real SNOW FALL !!
 This week we got to do some service but not at the recreation center yet! That should be starting out next week, but on Tuesday night it snowed quite a bit for B.C. and we woke up in the morning and there was snow all over! So we went to a member’s house that lives just down
the street from us and we asked if we could borrow their shovels. Then we went out and just started to shovel people's drive ways, it's funny because there was this one guy who was doing his and Elder Muller and I just went to his driveway and without saying anything we just started to help him, his face was really funny because it was a confused grateful expression. So we stated talking and then we pretty much taught him about the Restoration, it's really cool to see how giving service more than anything helps people to see that you care and then they listen. Jesus Christ was a perfect example of that!

 On my birthday we got a pizza from Shawn H! which was great, and we also had our district meeting on Wednesday too and we had an ice cream cake for my birthday! So it was a really good day and a good week.

 Tell everyone at home that I appreciate their support and especially their prayers

LOVE YOU have a good week!

Elder Kameron Lahache :)

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