Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone! Week 21

Hi! Happy New Year!
Well this week has been interesting and ALOT has happened. On Monday night we got a call from President Nelson and Elder Nielson got transferred to Terrace which is way up north! We knew transfers were going to be early this transfer so that the elders going home would be able to get back for school. But we honestly thought that neither of us were going to be getting transferred, so we were both really surprised to find out. But we do need to put our trust in the Lord, he has a plan and everything will work out. So yeah we got the transfer call on Monday night and then Elder Nielson left on Wednesday, it was hard we became pretty good companions in the short amount of time that we were together. I really think that the Lord is trying to get me used to change, which I'm getting better at, I just think it's funny because I haven't had a single companion for more than 1 transfer yet!
I love my Christmas package !
My new companion's name us Elder Muller only he's from Switzerland so his name is pronounced Mewller and he has those two little dots on top of the U in his name. He seems like a really nice guy, he's been out on his mission for a little over a year, we get along well so everything is going good so far.
So this week has been hard for us to find people to teach, I think because it's still the Holidays and many people are busy, but we plan on changing that this week, our goal is still to turn Delta into an amazing area, where we find many people to teach. We still do alot of tracting it seemed like alot when I first got here but now it doesn't seem like it's as much because we've done it so much here. We have a few potentials that we hope and pray will turn into investigators, I also know that if we have faith and put our trust in the Lord that he can help us accomplish what he has asked us to do. I guess pretty much like what Nephi said =). My testimony of scriptures grows more and more everyday, I love doing my personal study and then our companion study I learn so much, many of my prayers have been answered through the scriptures and I know that as we search the scriptures and really look for inspiration we receive it. They bring me peace and comfort and even encouragement when I'm feeling down, so I'm grateful that Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us scriptures like the Book of Mormon and the Bible and D&C.
Check out our fireplace !
It's weird to think that in less than 10 days I will be 20 years old! I don't even feel like I'm 20, I'm supposed to be alot more mature and grown up but I'm still just me, and I still like to fool and joke around. Although I feel that I have grown up alot on my mission, the gospel really does change lives. I still think that I have alot more growing left to do too. It was nice to talk to everyone at home, it was weird because when I was talking to you it seemed like I just saw everyone yesterday, but it has been a while and were just so busy on a mission that time doesn't really matter, it's more what are we going to do to help the work progress that matters.
I honestly have no idea what to ask for my birthday, I guess money will be alright and then if I ever see anything that I need I will buy it, some Julep would be nice but I understand that it's not possible so it's okay. tell Kelsey that I said Happy Birthday and I'd like to thank everyone that sent me Christmas cards and packages it made my Christmas that much better!

Have a good week! Love you!!! <3 =)
Elder Kameron Lahache

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