Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 22

Hello Everyone!

 Well this week went by so fast! Elder Muller and I have been working really hard, at the end of last week we were a little discouraged, because we had only a few lessons taught at the end of the week so this week our main focus was finding people and new ways to find people especially! So I have to say that preach my gospel is truly an inspired book, at the beginning of the week I was praying really earnestly asking Heavenly Father what we can do differently to find more people. I find especially on my mission that Heavenly Father has been answering many of my prayers when I go to find guidance through the scriptures and all the resources that we have to use. Anyway so one day during my personal study I was reading in Preach My Gospel and there was just a list of ideas to use to find people.

  I read that whole list and while I was reading it I was also coming up with new ideas that we could implement. One of the ideas that Elder Muller and I came up with is that we're going to have a BIG FHE at a members house where members will all come together and they can bring some of their friends and we'll watch the restoration and play a game and then have some food. So more on the casual side to make everyone comfortable but also an environment where the spirit can be felt.

 Also we took the advice of Shawn H and we are going to be volunteering at a recreation center and working with children who have disabilities I'm really excited for that. It reminds me a bit of when I went to the hospital every week at home and I enjoyed that alot, so I know that this will be good too. It will also help give us a good name, especially here in Delta because it's a smaller town.

 We also started to teach 2 new investigators this week! Which is sweet! Their names are Omar and Paul. Omar is Islam so it was very interesting to teach him, the Islam faith shares some really similar beliefs the main difference between the two is that we know that Jesus Christ is the son of God while they believe that he was just another prophet called of God. He was open to our teaching but I also felt that he was a little hard hearted, so hopefully as he feels that spirit it will slowly open his heart. There was a pretty good thing that came out of going to meet with him though, because he invited us to a inter-faith conference, so we'll be able to go there and set up a booth and have all these people just come to us, instead of us going all over looking for people! 

 The other investigator who we started teaching is Paul, I'm really excited for him because he was a media referral from the Hawaii temple visitors center! He was really excited to meet with us when we called him and so when we went teach him he was really accepting and when we told him about the first vision I felt the spirit really strong. So he agreed to meet with us again, so I'm really excited. 

 Overall things are starting to pick up in Delta, Elder Muller and I are both focused on the work and doing all the we can to find and teach all those children of Heavenly Father who are being prepared! 

 Also I either this week or next week I'm gonna send back the HUGE nikon camera because it's too big, so can you send me the Kodak one that I have, that way I'll be able to take alot more pictures and send it to you, because it's so annoying to have to carry this huge one everywhere I go. Which is funny because mom kinda predicted that would happen, haha.

Anyway hope everyone has a good week! 
Love you! 

Elder Kameron Lahache

P.S. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Kelsey!!!!! Happy birthday to you! Your nine years old now that's crazy! Hope you had a good day Love you =)

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