Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Awsome To Be A Missionary!

 Sounds like everyone had a great weekend! I actually do remember going to thousand islands as a kid. I remember that we played tug of war boys against girls and the boats racing, and that one day it was really windy and uncle Joe was going crazy trying to keep all the tents from flying away. Is that the right place? It's also crazy to think that Jason is coming home soon! I remember the days when I would think about being a missionary and it always seemed like this far off distant event. Now I am a missionary and it's awesome, now the far off distant event is coming home! Time seems like it goes by fast and faster every week! Transfer calls are already next week and it just seems like Elder Soucy and I became companions. But it was will great to have Jason back, his refined strengthened testimony will help strengthen Lasalle ward greatly! How is the missionary work there going anyway? Do you still have the same missionaries there?
 It's really awesome being a missionary! I always feel so blessed. It really humbles me and gives me inspiration to do better. It's really important to have the spirit with us, because without the spirit, people just don't seem to listen to what we have to say! I know that obedience brings faith, and Heavenly Father works by faith this brings to pass great miracles. As a missionary it is a miracle to have to spirit with us, to testify of the truths of what we speak.
 So remember that Family from Sri Lanka I was telling you about last week? Well we called them up last week and we have an appointment set with them for Wednesday night! Elder Soucy and I are both super excited to go over and get to know this family they seem so humble and ready for the gospel. It's good because we have a family in our ward that is from the same country and they speak their language and everything, we're definitely going to get them involved in the work.
 Also we were blessed, with a new investigator this week! YES! So there are missionaries that serve in an area called white rock which is pretty much south east of Delta. They have an investigator that they have been teaching for the past few weeks and one day they went over to teach and one of the investigators friends Silvia sat in. So they taught her too and then asked if she wanted to learn more about the church, and she said of course. So then the Whiterock Elders called us and we went see her right away.

 We went on Saturday night, and we were really praying that the spirit would guide us in what we say. We went knocked on her door and she came saw us smiled and invited us in. We talked about what she believed as well as how Heavenly Father has guided here in her life, she's from the Caribbean. She has so much trust in God and she was so open and receptive to our message, we shared with her the Book of Mormon, how it brings us closer to Jesus Christ. The whole time I was able to feel the spirit in the room, it's so powerful! She was able to feel it too, because she couldn't stop smiling! It always gives me new hope to see how the gospel is for all of us. Silvia is just a wonderful lady and I was already able to see just how much joy the gospel brought to her with our simple visit. It's wonderful to be the messengers of such a wonderful message, because we get to bring people to Christ. I am grateful to be a missionary. We set a return appointment with her and we'll be going visit her again on Wednesday. I'm so happy for her and I can already see how much the gospel will bless her life!
 We've been working hard here in Burnaby and we're starting to see some fruits of our labors. But that doesn't mean that we are going to slow down, we need to work even harder, because I feel that this area has so much potential and we've only realized part of it. 
 I'll be praying for everyone that you've asked me too. Also I appreciate you praying for Andrew, I hear he is beginning to start to come back again, I'll probably be calling him tonight.
 Have a great week! Love
 Elder Kameron Lahache

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