Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spirit Of The Temple Strengthened My Testimony

Hey guys!
 We have our P-day on Tuesday this week because we got to go to the temple! It was really great, we were able to feel the spirit and our testimonies were Hey guys!
 We have our P-day on Tuesday this week because we got to go to the temple! It was really great, we were able to feel the spirit and our testimonies were strengthened! 
Les Elders Aux Quebec! Away Mon Gros!
 So first before I forget I will answer your questions. So mom last week I forgot to tell you about what I thought about going on this huge road trip around visiting sites for the church. I think it would be pretty cool, I think we should take our time though and be in no rush. So we need to make sure that we have enough time to go everywhere. It goes all the way across the states pretty much right? It's weird because it seems lie it's so far away but I guess it's not really. It's weird to think about.
 Tell McCleve my number he can call us anytime that's our cell number. Is he coming up to go to the temple? Because apparently this is the temple that he is supposed to go to!

 Yeah so this week was actually really good, Elder Soucy have been working hard. This week we spent quite a bit of time out in the neighborhoods being led by Heavenly Father, finding people who have been prepared and who are ready to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It's really comforting and encouraging to know that the Lord is on our side, and that we can rely on him and press forward with faith! 

Tracting in Burnaby
On Monday night we were going to an area to tract that we planned the night before. So we were driving down the street and then we turned a corner, when I received a quite impression that came to my mind which said, "pull over you need to talk to the people here." I just thought to myself oh that was weird, so we kept on driving down the street. Then the thought came to my mind again! Pull over you need to talk to the people here. I said no we already prayed about and planned where we are supposed to be going yesterday and this is not according to schedule, so I kept driving. Then it came a third time, pull over you need to talk to the people here. Only that time I felt it was really urgent so I turned to Elder Soucy and I said, "I have no idea why, but we have to pull over and knock on some doors on this street". So we did and we started going around and knocking on some doors, not too many people were home even though it was 7:30 on Monday night. I knew that we were there for a reason though, and that Heavenly Father wouldn't prompt me to go somewhere for no reason.

Guns A Blazing!
 So we finished tracting the street and then we saw this mother and her two children walking down the street. We started to talk to them, the mother couldn't really understand us, she was from Sri Lanka. But her two children understood completely and started telling the mother what we were saying. It was really cool the kids were so excited with what we were telling them, and that made the mom excited too! Basically to make a long story short, we got her phone number and we're going to start teaching this awesome humble family this week! It's cool because we have members in our ward who are perfect for them because they're from the same country. The Lord truly prepares us a way to accomplish all that he has asked us to do.
 We also set another baptismal date with another one of our awesome investigators. His name is Heru and he is from Indonesia! We set the baptismal date with him for October 8th! He's doing really good he says that he's 90% sure that he wants to be baptized.
 Do you have the address for the mission in the states because I don't know it and no one at the office is answer their phones right now. If you do have it can you send it to Auntie Patricia because she's asking for it. That would be awesome thanks!
 Burnaby is an awesome area I feel so blessed to be here, this week I was looking at some of the potential investigators that we have and so many of them are solid, I feel so blessed with the opportunity that Elder Soucy and I have to teach, love and serve these people.
 The Church is true, that's a fact. Never let anyone or anything make you doubt it is. We have to remember our testimonies and our Father in Heaven, he'll take care of us.
 Andrew is doing well at least that's what I hear I put his name in the temple today, we should be setting a meeting with him soon, continue to pray for him it's helping tons!
 That's all I have for this week, Oh and next week I might not get a chance to write on Monday because the library is closed so we'll see what happens, just giving you the heads up
 Elder Kameron Lahahce! 

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