Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, August 15, 2011

I Am Happist When I'm Serving Others

Hey everyone!

 I'm glad to hear that everyone had a really good time at Hampton Beach, the weather must have been awesome there too!

 So this week has been a pretty interesting week, it was a little slower because many of our appointments canceled on us! But it was good because we got to do alot more contacting than we normally do which is honestly my favorite! So it was really fun, some days we go contacting near this big huge mall called Metrotown and there is a skytrain (kinda like the metro) station right next to it so there's always people walking around. It's great to feel the spirit working through you to help testify of the restoration of the gospel to people.

 So right not we have 2 pretty solid investigators in Burnaby.

 1. Gordie Carly, he was a referral from mormon.org, he's so awesome! I'm always amazed at how much he already knows about the church every time that we meet with him. He has a sincere desire to know for himself if the church is true or not, which is so fundamental to receiving an answer to your prayers. He's read all of 1 Nephi already and he's on 2 Nephi 4 last I heard and he's only been meeting with us for a little over 3 weeks. Last time we met with him we reviewed the message of the restoration and he said he believed it and we committed him to be baptized on September 10th and he said YES! It's really cool because we were planning on asking to be baptized but then when we were teaching him in the lesson I felt the impression from the spirit to ask him to be baptized 3 or 4 times and it was powerful too! So we're really excited for him he's 17 years old but honestly I've never seen such a honest and sincere guy in a while! I feel so blessed to have the privilege of serving him.

2. Louise, She's from Namibia in Africa and she's been in Canada for 4 years I think, I'm not 100% sure. But she's so good too, she has such a strong faith and it just catches me off guard every time we ask her to keep a commitment she always does it. She also knows that when she keeps the commandments and puts her life in Heavenly Father's hands that nothing is impossible. She's really close to be baptized too, we've asked her a few times already but at this point she just doesn't feel she's ready, so we're doing all that we can to help her out.

 It's crazy because I care about these people here in Burnaby so much, I've also come to realize that your happiest when your serving others and worrying about them and not yourself. Because you want what's best for them and you just keep thinking what can I do that will help this person in their life. It's an awesome feeling!

 This week we also had zone conference. It was my first one with President Tilleman and it was awesome! The spirit was really strong there. I really love zone conference because you can always feel the spirit really strong, but then I come away always feeling like I need to repent and do so much better as a missionary. I guess it's good though because we can always have that motivation to do even better than we are now and push ourselves so that we can touch people's lives!

 There was one thing that really threw me off though that happened yesterday actually. I was on an exchange with Elder Jensen who is a missionary in Vancouver, which is right next to Burnaby, when I received a call from Elder Williams (my companion from Richmond) he said that he needed to tell me something really important and that I needed to call him back right away (we were in an appointment when he called so he left a message). So I called him back and I asked him what was up. What he told me made my heart sink, apparently yesterday Andrew Kingsley the person who was baptized while I was in Richmond, met with bishop yesterday. He asked that his records be removed from church records. I couldn't believe it because when I left Richmond Andrew's faith was so strong. So I called him up and talked to him and he didn't really mention anything about him meeting with the bishop that day. He just talked to me about how he was really busy with work and how he was trying to help his mom who is recovering from an injury. I was heartbroken because I knew what he was trying to do but, I didn't want to interrogate him and ask him why he was doing what he was without him bringing it up. So we set up an appointment to meet with him next Sunday, so I'm going to talk to him with President Tilleman and hopefully we'll be able to solve the problem. We thought we were going to be meeting him tonight so last night I really felt that I needed just reassurance from out Father in Heaven that everything that we teach as missionaries is true. Man I haven't prayed so hard in a really long time. But I can testify that after I finished saying my prayer that Heavenly Father answered my prayer, I felt this warm burning feeling deep in my heart and an impression came to me that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. As soon as I heard that answer I said thanks and it helped me know with even more power that Heavenly Father does answer prayers and that this is truly the church of Jesus

 Please pray for Andrew, that his heart will be softened and that he will remember his testimony, and the peace and happiness that came to him as he lived that Gospel of Jesus Christ. I would really appreciate it and I know he would really appreciate it. I think about it like this all of us missionaries have millions of people all around the world praying for us, while our investigators usually only have us and a handful of members. But I do know that every prayer makes a difference and Heavenly Father has the power to work miracles according to the level of faith that we have, as we are obedient to his commandments.

 Thanks, I appreciate your love and support for me, tell everyone that I'm praying for them and I love them.


 Elder Kameron Lahache

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