Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, August 1, 2011

Seeing The Blessing From Mormon.org

Me climbing rocks again
Hey Mom and Dad,

 Well first I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SONNY BOY!!!! Yo dad it's crazy it's your birthday already, I'm very grateful that you are my dad and for all the lessons that you taught me growing up. I am the man that I am today because of the love and care that you and mom both showed me so thanks. I pretty much owe you for the rest of my life! So make sure on your birthday that you go see a sweet movie or something, I heard that Cowboys vs. Aliens is supposed to be alright. I think you should go outside and take in a deep breath and do a Native call too! That would be sweet, I'll have to send you a video of me doing it to show you.
 I received both of my packages this week! Thanks so much for the awesome chips and salsa, it's actually really good. I like it because it a sweet salsa, many aren't like that. And we can't forget the glorious package of patch. Thank you for sending me those contacts too, I'm wearing a new pair today!
 So yeah this week is the end of our transfer, so Elder Clarke is going home on Friday, he's really excited. It should be good, I'll be getting a new companion. I'm excited because we are both going to work like there is no tomorrow and do all that we can to bless the lives of our Heavenly Father's children.
 We had some amazing miracles happen to us this week! We received a call from the mission office this week, and they had a referral from us from mormon.org. So we went to this referrals house and turns out that this guy is 17 years old and he heard about the church from that new musical on broadway, I think it's called The Book of Mormon or something like that. So he went on mormon.org and checked out the website and thought it was great. He said that he really wants to read the Book of Mormon and know if it's true. It's awesome though we've taught him twice already and he knows so much about the church. It's really awesome to see how Heavenly Father prepares people to receive the gospel, mormon.org is one of the best ways that we can share the gospel with those who we care about!
The view from the top of the Chief. This is Native Land!

We got to go on a sweet hike to a place called the chief which is next to a small town called Squamish. It was really nice the sun was shining and the hike was nice, so I'll send you another e-mail with pictures from it.

 Tell Drew my phone number here she can call me on our cell, she can call whenever. How long is she going to be in B.C. Tell her that Burnaby is right next to downtown Vancouver and in Burnaby there is Metrotown which is the 2nd biggest mall in Canada.

Its good to hear that Jay came and visited this past week, is he doing good? And you know I remember going to the train museum with Dad and Cody when we were small. I guess I have a pretty good memory.

Anyway I have to run, thank you for your prayers! I love you all Have a good week!

Elder Kameron Lahache

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