Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Working Hard

Knock Knock!
 Hey everyone!
 I don't have much time to write this week we have so many things that we have to do! We've been running around all day but it's fun!
 So to answer questions yes I received the package that you sent from Lake George a few weeks ago, right now my zone leader currently has it, but it got to the office safe and sound so I should be getting it later today! Thanks so much I appreciate all that you do for me! The box with the contacts should be delivered straight to my door, we have language missionaries that lives in the apartment with us so they are usually at home when the mail man comes because in the morning they do their language study! So it should be good, if we miss the mail man then they leave us a note and we go a pick up the package at the post office! It happened a couple of times when Ma would send me packages. Of your going to be sending me packages from the States it would be better to send those the the address in America! I think you still have it because right now I can't remember it for some reason!
 Looks like everyone has such a blast this weekend! You just borrowed that boat though right? We'll have to do it sometime next year when I get back but until then there are people here that need the gospel more than anything! It's weird to think that I'm going to be in the same place as Elder Clarke in a year like you were saying Dad, I'm so grateful for my mission. This experience has done so much to strengthen my testimony. I'm so excited to share the gospel with everyone I know and introduce them to the missionaries when I get back! There is no joy like helping people gain their own personal testimonies and then when they do receive it they are so blessed!
Bike race service project
 Elder Clarke and I have been working hard this week! We went on exchanges a couple of times this week because Elder Clarke is the district leader. But yeah I know I say this almost every week, but I love talking to people on the streets! It just feels so great to know that we have a message that will truly bless people's lives, I just feel like it's really important and I want to tell everyone about it. Then when we find people who are ready and willing to hear our message my soul rejoices, because what we have will bring people true happiness in this life and will return them to Heavenly Father in the life to come.
 It's really cool to have President Tilleman here, he is very humble and he loves the missionaries. He's a great example to me he's a hard working which I think is awesome. The past few weeks he would randomly show up a Elder's apartment and have a companionship study with them (we have one everyday at 9:30-10:30 A.M.). So now many missionaries are afraid the he's going to randomly show up at their house. I think it would be cool though and also an uplifting experience!
 Our D.A. Situation has improved quite a bit actually we have many members that have us over to their place now so we are being taken care of!
 Tell Michael that I said congratulations and that I said Hi and that I miss him and think of him often! He's such an awesome guy! Did his wife ever end up joining the church?
 Well I hope everyone has a great week I love you all so much! I think of you guys and pray for you alot!
 Have a great week!
 Elder Kameron Lahache

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