Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Friday, July 8, 2011

Burnaby Is Awsome!

Hey Everyone!
 Hope everyone had an awesome time in Lake George this weekend it sure sounds like you did! I wish I could have been there oh well there is always the future that we will be able to go places everyday! So The package that I have been meaning to send you guys for quite some time now has finally been sent off! Sister Traxler, she's one of the secretaries in the mission office called me this week and told me that they sent it off so it should be coming soon! I'm excited for you all to see the stuff that I was working on for all that time while I was in the office. It's awesome! This week we were actually able to use some of the material that Elder Williams and I worked on while we were in the office. It's so cool the see how useful the materials we created are when we visit with members. 

This week we went to visit Sister Wong and her family (Sister Wong is the gospel principles teacher here in Burnaby) and we talked to her about using mormon.org. It was awesome we showed her a few parts from President Nelson's presentation and then we showed her a few presentations. The main point that we focused on is that mormon.org is a non confrontational, noninvasive way that we can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our friends. By the time we finished presenting all of the kids in her family thought it was the coolest thing in the world and they all wanted to go and watch all the videos on it and send one to their friends if the spirit prompted them too. So it was really great to see
and it made grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with the talents that I have, and for the opportunity I had to use them to benefit the mission.
I love being in Burnaby, I love being a full time proselyting missionary and I love talking to the people. We have so many spiritual experiences and the spirit is always strong as long as we are perfectly obedient to Heavenly Father's commandments. Then when we make mistakes we repent and recommit to the covenants that we've made. One of the cool things that happened this week was on Friday. I was on an exchange with missionary named Elder Eo, he's from South Korea so he's speaks Korean. But yeah we were on an exchange Elder Clarke went to Port Coquitlam which is about 15 mins away from Burnaby, and Elder Eo and I stayed in Burnaby. We went to an appointment that we had scheduled for 7:00, so we show up the father opens the door and he told us that he completely forgot about our appointment and that we would have to reschedule (That happens alot it doesn't really matter what part of the mission your in). So we rescheduled and Elder Eo and I went back into the car, I sat there and I could only think what are we supposed to do now, because I was still new I had no idea where all our investigators lived and I had no idea where we could go next. So Elder Eo and I decided that we needed to say a prayer, so we did. It
> was funny because we were saying repeatedly all day that we NEED to have to spirit with us because Elder Eo
 There are so many amazing experiences that we are having here. Heavenly Father has truly prepared people's hearts for the gospel. Elder Clarke and I are working really hard, we are hoping that we will be able to help another person be baptized in July. We have some awesome investigators so I have confidence that it will happen! So all your prayers are really helping thank you so much! Keep praying for us =).
We are teaching a 9 year old boy and his name is Marvin. It's so funny because he reminds me of Colton so much, he loves Lego and Pokemon and all the t.v. shows that Colton watches all the time. So we went over the first day I was in Burnaby and we clicked, he's a really great kid and he has a powerful testimony, for someone so young. Last Sunday was fast and testimony Sunday so I went up to bear my testimony and just as I sit down I look down the aisle and Marvin is coming up to the front with a big smile on his face and comes sit next to me. I said Marvin are you going to be your testimony, he nodded his head and I said SWEET! It's crazy how the spirit can work through us and then we can touch and bless people's lives. I'm so grateful for the many experiences Heavenly Father has blessed me with. Especially for the people, who I grow to love through serving them, it makes me really happy to see when someones life is blessed by living the principles of the Gospel!

 So yeah for a trip when I get home anywhere would be awesome, surprise me! As long as it's with our whole family it will be amazing. It would be cool to show everyone Vancouver and all the areas that I've served. My pant size is 32 but maybe a visa card would be the best that way I can go to the store and try on the pants on P-day and get some that fit well.
 When the son of Sonny Boy goes on his mission he will change, I'm still me and I still act the way that I do, but my views have changed greatly and my ability to empathize and truly care for people has truly come forth. Son of Sonny Boy will be an awesome missionary I'm so excited for him to go. It's the most rewarding and joyful experience I've had.
 Me and Elder Clarke get along great, he's going home at the beginning of August, it's crazy! So we're going to work as hard as we can until the day he leaves and then we'll work just as hard!
 So yeah I hope your having an awesome day, your all going to have so much fun at YM's and YW's camp! Let me know how awesome it is.
 Love you
 Elder Kameron Lahache

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