Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heavenly Father Guides Us As Missionaries

Hi everyone!

Well it's good to hear that everyone had a fantastic week and had a good time at the camp. Even though some of it might have been annoying. Sounds like everyone is really busy visit old friends and stuff.

So I'll tell you about that random rick that came in the package. That is granite from the Vancouver Temple! I thought it was really cool and Sister Nelson gave it to me, so when I get home I might go and polish it and make it look really nice, maybe make it a momentum of my mission or something like that! Yeah and there are the two DVD's 1. The Temple Grounds Tour DVD and 2. The Mormon.org DVD. They both havequite a bit of stuff on it. We've been using them both quite a bit in our area! Then there are some drawings from children of members we would visit in Richmond. The drawings are supposed to be of me haha.

So it would be probably better to send me stuff straight to Canada because I'm not in the office anymore, all the packages from the U.S. go to the office and then we have to pick it up there and we don't always have time on P-Day to the office it's about 25 minutes away. Do you need the address of the place that I'm at now? I should be good with socks and everything elder, it's just pretty much my pants that are wrecked! I still have no idea how the heck it happened!

This week was really great! Heavenly Father has blessed us with some awesome investigators! One thing that I thought that was really cool happened yesterday. Some of our plans fell through last night so Elder Clarke and I didn't know what we should do. We prayed and we asked Heavenly Father to guide us where we should be. We both felt that we should go visit a less active family. So we did even though it was about 8:20 we got there and when they opened the door they were happy to see us they welcome us in. The wife of the family is a member of the church however her husband was not. We started to talk with him about who he thought God was and how we could know which of all the different churches is God's true church. He said that the only real answers to that question and questions similar to that come from God! So we started to tell him about Joseph Smith and the restoration of Christ's church. We went and watched the restoration movie, the spirit can always be felt so powerfully when we watched it and after it was finished we asked him what he thought. He said that it was really good and that it all made sense to him. We asked him if he would read and pray about the Book of Mormon this week and he said that he would. The spirit was there and we all felt it. It's cool though because things don't always work out the way that we plan on them. But if we never had that free time then we would not have been able to bring the spirit into this families home! So I know that Heavenly Father does guide us, and he knows our needs he knows where we need to be. Even though things might not work the way that we plan them to, Heavenly Father has a plan and if we trust in him everything will be good!

So yeah I am grateful that I have a chance to serve in Burnaby and I am grateful for your wonderful example at home. I am thankful that we> grew up in a home where we have the gospel.

"The last African warrior"

Hey! I haven't had much time to take many picture I'll take more this week! We went to a south Sudan independence day party (many of our investigators are from South Sudan so they invited us to come) South Sudan is the newest country in the world. Anyway this is a picture of "The last African warrior"

Tell everyone that I love them and I miss them! I'll continue to pray for everyone! BYE!

Elder Kameron Lahache

Hey mom so did you ever find out that in the ward here in Burnaby there is a lady, her name is Sister Nancy Kane and she's really good friends with Sister Ross! Wow Small world!

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