Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Testimony Of The Gospel Has Never Been Stronger

 It's so crazy that summertime is already coming to a close, it seems like it just started to get warm here yesterday. Today we are being blessed with some beautiful Vancouver rain! I guess we need to get used to it pretty quick especially since fall and winter are just around the corner, so that means lots and lots of rain!
 This week in Burnaby went by so fast, it was really great though and I honestly can say that I was humbled this week by Heavenly Father!  So we met with Andrew yesterday he came over to Burnaby and we talked with him for about an hour and a half, it turns out he doesn't feel welcomed in the Richmond ward. So he didn't feel welcomed and it slowly chipped away at him until last Sunday he went to Bishop and told him that he would not be return to Richmond Ward. So the whole experience has really shaken his faith. I was able to understand where he was coming from because it's really hard be a convert to the church you pretty much have to abandon your old life and begin new with new people. I have been praying for him all this week and I know you guys have been too I was able to tell that it did make a difference. When I first talked with Elder Williams last Sunday Andrew was set on leaving the church, where now he says that he is going to take a month break away from the church and then make a decision. So now we are going to continue to care for him and love him. I told him that he needed to remember how strong he felt the spirit when he was baptized and also his testimony of the Book of Mormon. So Elder Soucy and I as well as Elder Williams and Elder Larson (The current Richmond Elders) will continue to care for Andrew and do all the we can to help him. But ultimately in the end it's like you said mom, he has to make the decision for himself. More than anything though this experience has helped strengthen my testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is lead by Jesus Christ himself and that it was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.
 This whole week I knew that I would be seeing Andrew on Sunday and I wanted just reassurance, of the things that I knew to be true so my testimony would be that much strong for Andrew. Every night I prayed and I asked Heavenly Father if a certain principle of Doctrine that the church taught was true, and every night I received an answer from the Holy Ghost. It was actually pretty intense, I've never had prayers answered so quickly and my whole life. It showed me that Heavenly Father is there he cares, and answers are prayers according to his time, not ours. I was reflecting about how my prayers were being answered this week when the thought came to me, that I had a real sincere desire, I wanted to have a stronger testimony for Andrew.
 Heavenly Father knew that and he knew what Andrew needed. So whenever we show Heavenly Father that our desires are sincere that opens our hearts to the spirit which makes it easier for Heavenly Father to communicate with us. Basically it's good to be humble! Like I said earlier this whole experience has made me even more that I am truly on the Lord's errand and that our message is so important, it's the way that we save souls.
 I really appreciate your testimonies, I was able to feel the spirit confirm to me the truthfulness of what you said as I read it, thank you!
 Oh so one thing, I wrote Cody a letter I don't even remember how long ago I think it was like 4-5 weeks, and I still not have received a letter from that guy! So I will write him one more today, tell him he needs to write me before he starts school, because once he starts he won't have anymore time!
 Our investigators are doing really well, especially Gordie! He's doing so good, he came to church for the first time on Sunday and loved it! He texted us after church and thanked us for inviting him to come and that he had a great time. He is still waiting to receive an answer to his prayers, it will come. He still has a baptismal date set for September 10th!  I can already see how the gospel is bringing more light into his life, you can see it in his eyes. I've learned that is what missionary work is all about, just being instruments in the Lord's hands and he brings people unto him through us.
 Saturday was a interesting day, all our appointments that we had scheduled that day fell through, so Elder Soucy and I spent much of the day personal finding. So we went knock on some houses. It was Saturday evening but, it seemed like no one was home, almost every house we knocked at no one answered. So I kept praying and asking Heavenly Father to please put someone in our path who was ready, I knew he had the power and that he has people who are ready to hear us. But everyone we talked to wasn't interested, I'm not going to lie I was a little discouraged though I didn't want to show it. So we started to head back towards our car when we decided that we should knock on one more house. A man came to the door and we introduced 
 So this was a refining week for me, but I can say now that my testimony of the gospel has never been stronger, my love for the people has never been greater and my hope and trust in our Savior Jesus Christ has never been as strong as it now is. I am grateful for the experiences and trials that I've had throughout my life they have helped shaped me into who I am today. I am grateful to have a Father in Heavenly who loves me enough to answer my prayers and to guide me to do what is right. And of course I am grateful for you guys and all that you do for me, especially the example that you set for me my whole life.
 I'm excited to see how everyone will do in their 1st week back to school. Tell everyone that I love and I'm thinking and praying for them
 Elder Kameron Lahache

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