Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Mission Is One Of My Greatest Experiences

Hey everyone! 

I'm so sorry that we didn't get a chance to e-mail last week the library was closed! I should have told you but I forgot I'm sorry.

 I can't believe Jason is already coming home! I'm telling you I can't believe how fast time has been flying by! It's scary sometime, but it does motivate Elder McGahan and I to work extra hard! You'll have to give Jason a high five for me and a hug too, Uncle Jay and Auntie Fatima must be so excited to have someone living at their home again, well maybe. From what I read on his blogs though it sounds like Jason is really going to miss his mission, but I know he will be a blessing to the Lasalle ward, I was just thinking about that this morning actually, how it's a miracle that we have so many missionaries in our ward out on missions. Honestly a mission is one of the greatest experiences EVER!

 The Talent show sounds like it must have been so much fun! I can totally see Cody being Mr. MC too! The past few weeks I was thinking what could we do to get more people to come to the church and feel the spirit there, and I felt inspired to begin organizing a fireside, that goes over all the principles in the first lesson in Preach my Gospel. Basically how it would work is for each principle there would either be a short 2-3 minute talk done by a member or missionary, or a musical presentation and or audio visual presentation. So the principle of the Savior's Earthly Ministry we would sing the primary song; "He sent his son". Then for the restoration sing "Joseph Smith's first prayer". So now our zone has heard that Elder McGahan and I have started working on this and they wanted in on it too, so now it has escalated to a zone fireside. So basically all of Vancouver is going to be involved in it! I'm really excited for that, and I know it's going to take quite a bit of planning but, if it's done right it will be a huge success! The plan is to have it sometime after Christmas and the Holidays, so we have quite a bit of time to prepare and make sure we do this right.

 I got the dear Elder that you sent I think it was about a week ago AND I also got a million packages from you guys! WOW your so great, I was so surprised when I got them I remember you telling me that you sent me a package but I honestly wasn't expecting all that! I really do appreciate it thank you very much! The whole night I was just showing off the pictures that you sent to the other missionaries in our apartment and now everyone wants to come over to visit. I especially like those drinks that Cody sent! Tell him I said thanks ; P
Vancouver Zone Missionaries
 For the past few weeks Elder McGahan and I have been working really hard everyday looking for people who are being prepared to receive the Gospel into their lives. So we have been spending much of our time out in the streets talking to as many people as we can, as well as in the neighborhoods. It's funny because the situation that Burnaby is in right now reminds me so much of how it was in Delta, so I just feel like we know what we need to do to make this area be awesome, so that's what we're doing. We focusing our finding efforts we are finding alot ourselves and we are working with the members too. I know that as we continue to work diligently that the Lord will bless us for our efforts and this area will be an amazing place to be. Until then we will continue to work hard, I know that the Lord is teaching how to be effective finding missionaries. I know that we have to be patient, that's probably one of the most important lessons that I learned while I was in Delta, because it's not our work and the whole reason we do this is not even for our benefit. It's for our brothers and sisters, so they can experience the blessings of the gospel. Plus this is the Lord's work so we have to do things his way, and we'll be blessed in HIS time not ours. It's really taught me to have faith and rely on him, and I know that through that my own testimony has grown so much in the process.

 As far as I know Andrew still isn't coming to church much, I can him when I can to encourage him. It seems like he's going to have to make his own decision about this, I know that our prayers do make a difference, so thank you for continuing to pray for him. Our solid investigator Gordie is still amazing! It's crazy to just see how his testimony is growing every week, I'm so happy for him. It reminds me of how the sons of Mosiah felt when they went on their mission their joy was full in the salvation of their brothers and sister, and I feel the same! Right now Gordie is waiting for his parents to give their okay for him to be baptized, we're actually going to start teaching Gordie's mom and sister this week, so that's a huge step toward helping him!

 I'll talk to you guys next week! I love you guys!

 Elder Kameron Lahache

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  1. Thanks for posting the Zone Conference photo. My son is serving in Vancouver and it was fun to stumble across this blog and see him.
    -Elder Hawkinon's mom