Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Missionaries Do The Greatest Work And ALL Mankind Benefits

Hello everyone!

 I am so humbled and grateful to be a missionary! This is the greatest work on earth and mom reading about all the exciting things going on at home really makes me happy. Heavenly Father truly does love all of us and he truly does prepare people to receive this wonderful messages that we have. I am very grateful that Elder Larsen and I get to devout all out time to serving our Heavenly Father, it's such a blessing! My joy is full when I see my brothers and sisters coming closer to our Heavenly Father. It amazes me continually of the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to have the fullness of the Gospel! We understand who our Heavenly Father is! We know that through the Atonement of Christ, all men WILL live again and we can be reconciled back to our Heavenly Father. The cool thing is this is what we tell people all day everyday!

Elder Lahache on his Balcony 

 Sounds like everyone back home is having a blast, I'm very glad to hear that Ma is doing well. Sounds like missionary work is exploding over there, and missionary work continues to explode in Prince George too! I have a testimony that as we are diligent, obedient and humble then Heavenly Father will bless us in all things.

 On Tuesday we had a chance to have a meeting with President Tilleman. I am so grateful that he is our mission President, he truly is a man of God. We felt the spirit really powerfully as we set goals for the mission. Our aim is to have 54 of our brothers and sister enter into the waters of baptism in June! I know that we can do it as we exercise faith and work as hard as we can! I remember feeling the spirit really powerfully bear witness to me that yes we can do this, then after my testimony of the Gospel was strengthened as President Tilleman bore his testimony. I am grateful that Heavenly Father blesses us with inspired leaders to help us fulfill our full potential! I am just full of faith and I will do anything that my Heavenly Father asks of me!

 We're scheduled to have Raquel Medina's baptism this upcoming weekend! Elder Larsen and I are excited for that. Brother Meisi is still awesome as ever! He's been so excited about the Gospel, he shares it with everyone! We actually found out that he gave out about 100 pamphlets to people about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That's intense!

 We had a chance to meet with Cory this week. We've been meeting with him I would say for 5 weeks now. He has such a righteous heart, he wants to be baptized and right now we're working with him to overcome issues he has with the word of wisdom. As we've been meeting with him we've been able to see a change in his countenance, he's a happier brighter guy. What's really helping him is reading from the Book of Mormon and continuing to pray fro strength to resist temptation. It's awesome, people who truly humble themselves admit that they need to chance and seek help from people who care about them and their Heavenly Father really change! I know it's possible because of the Atonement, it allows all men to change and become better.

A classic Elder Lahache picture
I forget who said it but I remember one of the general authorities said this about the Atonement; The Atonement is there to help bad me to become good, and good men to become better. It's true because I rely so much on the Atonement everyday and do my best to refine myself as a missionary. As I ask Heavenly Father for ways as to how I can improve he shows me. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and the love he has for all of us.

 Also I had a chance to send a few pictures, hope you like them! Have a good week!

Elder Kameron Lahache


  1. Thank you for sharing Elder Lahache's emails. I am Elder Larsen's mom and I truly enjoy reading of his experiences. I am not a blogger, at least not a good consistent one, but if you would like to share some of Elder Larsens please email me momjbk@yahoo.com. If not that's fine too. Kyle loves serving with your son, they seem to get along famously.

    Heide Larsen