Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, April 18, 2011

Another glorious week in Richmond!

 Well it has been another glorious week in Richmond! The weather has been beautiful and Elder Williams and I have been working hard, one thing that I have learned is to never give up or get discouraged, even when everything isn't going as well as we would like. We taught a few lessons this week, we met again with Camilla last Wednesday, it's crazy it seems all the investigators that Elder Williams and I have been finding are those who are truly prepared and are ready and willing to accept the gospel. So in our last lesson with Camilla we talked about the restoration of the gospel and the Book of Mormon, it went really well and she's so excited to read to Book of Mormon, we asked her to read 3 Nephi 11 because she wanted to know what Jesus had to say to the people in America when he came, yesterday she called us up and said "Elder Williams, Elder Lahache I finished all of Nephi and now and I'm going to start reading 4 Nephi", she just sounded so happy. It's crazy how much reading the Book of Mormon can change someone, I even notice a difference in myself when I read to Book of Mormon everyday, it just makes me happier and I am more loving and caring for people. We can truly feel the spirit more strongly and abundantly in our lives when we make a habit of reading the Book of Mormon and other scriptures we have.
 We also started to work closer to the members of Richmond ward this week, it turns out that members have been working with many of their friends in the past and missionaries got transferred and then when the new Elders came in I guess they didn't know, so the work that was going on good stopped for while. So it seems that we need to follow up with alot of members this coming week, we've been doing alot of following up in Richmond, former investigators, potential investigators. It has been really successful and it's nice to see that Heavenly Father prepares these people for when the missionaries do start teaching them again.
 I feel that I am learning many things in Richmond, mostly from my companion Elder Williams, it's so funny because we are complete opposites in personality, so we both have really different views on how to do missionary work. Elder Williams is a very productive person who likes to have a structure to everything, where I am more loose, flexible. But in the short while Elder Williams and I have been together, he has helped me to become a more productive person, being with him has also helped me to become more understanding and loving. I am grateful for him and I am grateful for the chance I have to serve with him to help strengthen the people here in Richmond.
 Work in the office is going well, the main project we're working on right now is still the I'm a Mormon but now we're coming up with training for it because President Nelson would like this project to go mission wide. Our desired outcome is to get all adult members in British Columbia to get a profile on mormon.org. So that is a pretty big project and it's going to keep us busy here in the office for the next few weeks. Another project that we're starting to work on is getting technology moving forward in the mission by getting iPad's or iPods, President Nelson is on board because we believe it would be really useful in efforts to get the I'm a mormon project moving forward.
 So is there still alot of snow on the ground at home? Today we locked ourselves out of the office on accident for about an hour and so Elder Williams and I just lied outside in the sun and it was GLORIOUS! It was such a nice day today and it still is.
 Anyway hope everyone is having a good week, and I hope you all have an awesome weekend at Best-western this weekend!
 Love you
 Elder Kameron Lahache

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