Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So last week was transfers and Elder Williams and I are still together

Hey everyone!
 How is everyone doing? I hope everyone enjoyed General Conference, I know I did! It's awesome listening to the apostles and prophet and other church leaders speak to us especially when you come with an open heart and mind I learned so much! The spirit that comes when we hear the prophet speaks always makes me feel like I can just go out and tell everyone about the gospel and it gives me that extra spiritual boost. I would say that main message that I picked up from conference is that marriage is important and also the blessings that come from a righteous marriage are great. Obedience brings great blessings as well and it's a way that we show our Heavenly Father that we love him and are willing to trust him.
 The work has been a little slow but still going good, ever since Andrew was baptized we are having trouble finding new people to teach, many of our investigators are busy and don't have time to meet with us which is a little frustrating but I know that if we put our trust in the Lord then he will give us opportunities to find and grow spiritually. We did set another baptismal date with one of our investigators named Alex this week, we had a lesson with him on Wednesday night and Andrew came with us to the lesson. The lesson went well, Andrew contributed quite a bit and I thought it was just awesome to be able to hear his testimony. It blows me away because he has such a strong testimony, even though he's only been a member of the church for a little over a week now. So the date that we set with Alex is the 24th of April, hopefully he will hit it, but in the end it will be his choice of whether he hits that date or not, all we can do is continue to teach and testify to him. Then it's up to him to pray and sincerely ask, we can ask him and commit him to do things but in the end it will be his desires if they are sincere or not. I feel my understanding of the gospel growing more and more everyday, I'm so grateful for my mission because it is giving me the opportunity to share my testimony with others and do my best to bring light into others lives.
 So this week we finished the I'm a Mormon training DVD, and now President Nelson is reviewing it then he will give his feedback. Depending on what he says it will either be finished or we will have to go back and tweak a few things, which is fine I want it to be the best that we can make it, so that the members here in BC will feel a desire to start sharing what they have learned with their friends families. So this week I'll burn a copy of the temple DVD as well as the I'm a Mormon DVD and send both of those home!
 So last week was transfers and Elder Williams and I are still together so that's another 6 weeks of office work for us! I'm excited about it, I think we might be in here for a while, we'll see though. I enjoy doing the work in the office but I find I always feel happier when we're out talking to people. But I know that what we're doing in the office will benefit the whole mission.
 We also got to meet with Ethan this week, we went visit him at the University of British Columbia which is about 15 mins away, it's a pretty nice place. We talked to him about baptism, he's slowly but surely inching his way towards being baptized he has a few concerns that are stopping him from moving forward so Elder Williams and I are working really hard to find those so we can resolve them. It was really good because Ethan came to the priesthood session he said he liked it his favourite speaker was president Uchtdorf.
 Those pictures from last week were way awesome to see! You guys are so lucky that you were able to go there with everyone and have a good time! Being on a mission has helped me see how awesome our family is, I always knew but I really did take it for granted. I'm excited for Cody he's going to do well in Dawson. Send me his grad pic when it comes in, it would be nice to see
 Thank you for all your love and support you guys are awesome and I love you all so much! Tell everyone in Lasalle especially the Blakemores that I appreciate the support that they give I will do my best to write them something this week! Oh yeah and I think it was a few weeks ago I got a letter from Dave Jones too! It was really awesome to hear from him!
 Hope everyone has a good week! I love you!!!!!! <3
 Elder Kameron Lahache

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