Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We See Miracles Everyday

Hey everyone!
 Sorry I didn't get to send you an e-mail yesterday. There was a wind storm and as a result many buildings either lost power or their internet connection. All the Libraries in Burnaby had no internet yesterday. I've never seen it so windy here before, it looked like the trees were about to fall over, luckily none of them did. There are parts of trees in the streets though and they're still cleaning up today. Burnaby had become my new mission home! I've been here since June so that's a little over 9 Months, by the time the transfer is over I would have been here 10 and a half months. The members are impressed because no missionary has been here for such a long time! I think at home the only missionary who came close was Elder Kurtz. It's been great I'm very excited with the work that we're doing here. Last week we had 24 and a half member hours! Either with members at appointments or on the streets with us talking to people. That's the most that I've had my entire mission, it felt great. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much. The ward goal is to have 20 member hours, the closest missionaries have 

A member invited us over to show us how to make sweet and sour
chicken. So this is the picture after we finished cooking everything.
ever got was 15-17. Last Sunday we talked with the Priesthood and let them now that this week we wanted to reach the goal. Everyone said they would do their part in helping us, so when we went to Bishop on Sunday and reported that we had 24 and a half his jaw just dropped open, it was funny. This week we're going for 20 hours again, I know we can do. Elder Henderson and I have been working really hard. We got to meet with Gordie's mom on Sunday and we discussed Gordie's baptism. I am set and determined to have his baptism set and ready to go that way if I ever do get transferred everything will already be set. He's such a great guy, his mom's main concern from what I understand is family. Specifically how Gordie being baptized would affect his mom's side of the family, who for the most part are all Catholic. We invited her to pray and ask God what is right, but we bore powerful testimony of the importance of baptism and invited her to start meeting with us again to which she accepted. I know that with Heavenly Father on our side he will help us to help Gordie be baptized. It's his birthday today by the way he's turning 17 years old!
The other day we were on the skytrain and I always wear these red Canada mittens to keep my hands warm because we're always outside. We're waiting at a skytrain station and a train pulls up and the doors open, this old mad walks out looks at my gloves then looks at me. Then he tells me that it's not cold and that I don't need to be wearing those gloves and that I was only wearing them to "show off". Then he stormed off all upset, Elder Henderson and I just looked at each other and laughed, especially because I sometimes use my Canada gloves as a way to start a conversation with someone.
 The Sullivan's are doing alright, we visited with Winnie on Saturday and she told us that she hasn't read The Book of Mormon yet. It really makes me sad to hear when people don't read because I know how much reading will help them have a better life, it's really that simple! We got her a huge copy of The Book of Mormon because she said she has difficulty reading the small print. We're going by again on Wednesday, I really hope that she's doing well. We're going to be getting the Jing family involved, they're good friends with Winnie and Kevin already and we hope that will help them progress.
 Krassimiere came to church with his whole family for the first time on Sunday! Krassismiere has come several times with his son but that's it, so it was really awesome to have their whole family with us! We're going to be seeing them tonight actually and I'm excited to see how it goes!
 The work here is going good. I'm excited for the wonderful miracles that we see happen here daily! The spirit is involved and we are seeing people's lives being blessed as they apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in their lives. I am grateful for the Gospel and all the blessings it brings as we make it a part of who we are!
 It's great to hear that everyone had a good time in Florida! Also about the pictures, are you talking about the ones that you sent a little after Christmas, or did you send newer ones?
 Have a great week!

 Elder Kameron Lahache

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