Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 5 in Langley

Hi Mom and Dad!

 So this week was a crazy week and Elder May and I have been really busy. We've been mostly meeting with 2 families, one of them is from Tailand and the other family is the one I told you about last week, the family where we went to their house and we blessed it. We've been visiting alot of inactive members as well. 

Ok so to answer your questions really quick. Yes that is the right address, we are staying in a house but the bottom floor is two apartments and the top floor is our landlords house. They are really nice people they like the missionaries because we keep our apartment clean and are not really loud either. So that's good. I'll get a picture in front of the temple here in B.C. so we can use that for the plaque at church I think that would be really nice.

 I've been feeling pretty tired this week, not really sure why maybe it's the weather, but it hasn't really been raining too bad. I think it's rained 3 times this past week but I think that's normal fall weather. I find it's really similar to back home.

This week I also found out that after this transfer that Elder May will be going home! I was so shocked when I found out and now it's all he ever talks about how excited he is to go home. So I'm happy for him but it makes it hard for me to concentrate on my missionary work him too especially.

This past week I went on splits with another missionary on Wednesday, I forget the name of the area where I went for the night but the elders had such a nice apartment. I mean ours is nice and all but their's was a condo and on the main floor they have a gym and everything! So they're really lucky. But while I was out there I was on splits with Elder Mccoulough and he's from Utah and it turns out we had to same teacher in the MTC! So we got along pretty well. 

While I was out there we went and taught a woman named Janine and she had all these questions from the bible. Questions that I never even thought of in my life,  she was trying to start an arguement and I just told her that we weren't there to argue but to testify of Christ and I beared her my testimony of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. I know that she felt the spirit because after that she listened to what we had to say without trying to start an argument again. So I thought that was cool.

This week I was reading in the Book of Mormon about Ammon and he was such an awesome missionary I want to be like him! I never noticed before but there's alot you can learn from the people Ammon taught like King Lamoni and his father, they both had such incredible faith in God. I really liked that story and it really made me feel that I can do anything as a missionary as long as I have faith that God will work through me.

Vancouver has been pretty nice. Especially the area that I'm in now it reminds me alot of home. Now that I found out that Elder May is leaving I'm more than likely going to be here for another transfer.
But tell everyone I love them and I miss them very much especially this week. Tell Doda and Boba and Ma that I love them. And I love you too Mom and Dad! talk to you next week.

Elder Lahache

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