Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 7 Langley BC

Hello everyone!

 This week went by incredibly fast!  My mission gets better and better everyday! It's amazing, this week I really learned that Heavenly Father puts us in the right place at the right time! 

 Yesterday we were going to visit a lady named Lutha and her and her family are from Berma and I have no idea where that is. But they did live in thailand for a while too and now they are refugees here in Canada! But they are such an awesome family to go visit. They let me play their guitar which is really nice! So anyway back to the story, we were on our way to visit Lutha when we saw this lady and she had dropped a big box that was filled with alot of things. So we walk up to help her and it turn out that it was one of our investigators who we have been teaching! Her name is Leean, and we we're helping her move on Saturday but I guess she wasn't finished because this was happening last night. Lately she's been avoiding us because she's been loosing alot of appointments that we've set up with her. So we helped her out and she was really grateful, and I felt that she was happy that we were there to help her when she needed us. So hopefully if things work out the elders in the new area where she moved will continue to meet with her based on how she now feels about the elders.

 Earlier this week I went on splits with another elder. Elder May and I go on splits alot because he is district leader so it's nice to get to know all of the missionaries in out district I'm pretty good friends with everyone because we go on splits so much. So anyway last Friday I was on splits with Elder Neilson and he's from Utah. Not really a big surprise there but anyway we met with this lady named Betty. She has met with the missionaries before and pretty much has been taught all the lessons. So elder Neilson and I are teaching her a lesson about faith, and we're reading from Alma 32. Through the whole lesson I just kept getting this feel to commit her to baptism and in my mind I was like no it's too early I can't. Then later on I would hear it again, commit her to baptism and it was near the end of our lesson so I said well I guess if I felt this feeling twice it must be important. So I asked her if she received a witness that what we are teaching her is true will she get baptized. She said YES!! So we have a baptismal date set with her for October 23rd. so hopefully I will still  be serving in this area when that happens. But 

 I was so happy for her and I felt that spirit so strong in that lesson, and it really helped me to see that what I'm doing is to help people PREPARE to be baptized, so even if I don't get them baptized while I'm here I helped them get closer to receiving the blessings of being baptized. With Betty she's been meeting with the missionaries for a little over a year and now she finally feels that she is ready to get baptized. It's great!

 On Wednesday we also go to have Zone conference and it was great! One of the elders from the quorum of the 70 was there! Elder Pearson! He was such a great speaker, and I remember when he walked into the room I just felt his spirit that he had and I was like wow, that's really incredible just to be able to feel his presence, I want to be like that! He talked about how we need to leave out old self behind and become a true disciple of Christ while we are on our mission. We can still be who we are, but stuff like music and movies and attitudes that we had at home need to change and we need to become true representatives of Jesus Christ. I feel I've been doing really good at that, through my whole mission, but Elder Pearson has helped me to see that there is always something that I can be doing better at. I got to see some of the elders from my MTC district too! But I didn't get to so either of my MTC companions, so I was a little disappointed but I know I will see them at least once during my mission.

 It's great that our whole family is reading the scriptures everyday now! I know that as we all do this that our families testimony will grow strong and our family will be blessed with the strength to fight the temptations that we face in this world. I really like the whole book of Alma because there is so many great missionary experiences in there that I can learn and apply in my mission.

 So what did you guys do with the bishops car then did you just scrap it?

 That's awesome that Dad and Cody are having fun playing hockey! I wish I could be there playing with you guys! I don't really need a crock pot it's okay, we've actually been doing really good with having enough food to eat, the Lord provides for us I know that because we would just be running out of stuff that we bought for a week, and then we would go visit a member at their house and they would give us food. So I know we are being watched over and protected always.

 Anyway I have to go because I have alot more emails to write
Love you all, I look forward to reading your letters every week!

Elder Lahache

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