Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 9 Langley BC

Vancouver Mission Zone Conference
Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!

I don't really have much time today because we're super busy! We have a lot of appointments today. It's so weird that I won't be there tonight to be with everyone at Ma's house today, I'll miss it so much! But we are going to a members family for thanksgiving dinner tonight. We went somewhere for thanksgiving yesterday too. So two thanksgiving dinners, we have a DA everyday this week because everyone found out that Elder May is leaving this week so now everyone is inviting us over for supper and for lunch and breakfast. Today we had a breakfast appointment and a lunch appointment and a supper appointment. But yeah this past week we've been really busy, on monday we had lower mainland P-Day and that's when all the missionaries in out whole zone come together and we play sports, and on that day we played dodge ball. That would be actually super cool if Shawn came and worked on out kitchen, then Cody would be able to work with him a bit and then go back to Salt Lake with him! 

So this week coming up on Tuesday so basically tomorrow I will be finding out if I'm getting a new companion and staying in this area or if I will be going somewhere else. I hope I can stay here for at least 1 more transfer. But if I'm called to serve somewhere else that would be fine I'll go where the Lord needs me. 

Today is my two month mark it's crazy because it seems that I haven't been out for that long, like it seems I've only been out for a few weeks. Time is just going by faster and faster now, I remember when I first got here it seemed like forever until Monday came around probably because I wanted to come write you guys! I feel like I've learned so much already in such a short period of time! Especially since I read the scriptures everyday there is so much that we can learn from them. My testimony has grown so much just from reading them regularly. So Betty our investigator is doing alright she's having a really hard time keeping commitments that we invite her too, especially the word of wisdom, with coffee. So I'm trying to think and I'm praying asking for some way that we can help her with this addiction that she has. 

Anyway I gotta go now because I have an appointment which we are late too! But I love you all and I miss being home especially today!

Love you


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