Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 11

Thanks for the update on how everyone is doing. I was thinking about Chris alot this week and I was wondering if he would be getting his mission call soon or not so that's awesome that he's going to the Philippines, so what did the Morales' have to say about that? Tell him I said that he's going to be eating alot of eagle eggs! So he will have eagle powers. 

When is Christien and his family moving? It's so weird next week is already Halloween! I have no idea what we're going to do at night when people come knocking on out door for Candy maybe we'll give little backs of Candy with pass along cards taped to them. Our ward here is having a Halloween Truck or Treat on Saturday night, I guess because they would prefer if people didn't go trick or treating on Sunday which makes sense. So basically all of the people in the ward are going to decorate their trunks in their cars and the kids are going to car to car all dressed up and say trunk or treat. It's pretty neat and the young men are having a haunted house too so it should be a fun night. Not sure if we are going to be going to that though, we're usually way too busy.
So it's been a really fun week, being in a tri companionship with Elder Hayes and Elder Zebley has been really fun, it reminds me alot of the MTC because I was in a tri companionship there. But we all get along really well, and we've been having alot of fun but working really hard at the same time. 

There was something really pretty crazy that happened this week though, there are these two people who we went and did service for this week. Their names are Tim and Brenda,  Brenda is a native, and she lives on the reserve that is close to here. So I got to go on the reserve for the 1st time since I've been here! Anyway what we did for them was help them herd their cattle from one field to another, so we did that then we had to put the bulls in this temporary enclosure which we made. The bulls were in their cage for about 5 minutes and then they just started ramming each other's heads! I had no idea what to do so I pretty much just stood there and watched, so the bulls pretty much wrecked the fence which we made and we had to go herd them back and put them into the new field. It all worked out in the end and no one got hurt so that's good.
This week we also had a missionary fireside that we organized. I was pretty much in charge of it,  I was running around doing all the last minute preparations during the week. So we had the fireside and there was about 70 people there which isn't much but it was a fair turnout. We decided to call the fireside; "The Restoration: our Witness of Christ". We pretty much just covered the first principles of lesson one of preach my Gospel, which is the Restoration. We got members from the ward to give a short 5 minute talk on each of the sections in lesson 1. So there was about 6 little talks. Also with each principal we sang a song that explained it. It was more of a musical fireside than normal. The spirit was so strong though, and I was able to feel it at the end especially when we got myself and a few other missionaries to bear their testimony on the Book of Mormon. I know that when we bear testimony that the spirit witnesses to us and those who we are speaking that the church is true that the book of Mormon is true and that we can all gain our own testimonies if we have the desire to seek out God. Everyone after the fireside was over said that the fireside was excellent and that we should do another so we probably will in a few months, if I'm still here. If not then the new missionaries here will.
Missionary work is so fulfilling, even though I don't always see the benefit for it right away, I can see how people have changed since I first got here. So for me it's teaching me alot of patience and that everything doesn't always come right away, but if we are diligent with those who we are teaching and continue to support them, they see that spirit that we have within us and that spirit will change them slowly over time.
I love you so much, and tell Colton that I'm sorry I can't play xbox, the other day we went visit a members house and the Dad wanted me to play wii sports with him. I said no but it was hard. But I'll play with Colton when I get back, which is in a while.
But thank you for taking the time to write me, it means alot to me and I appreciate the updates on how everyone is doing it makes it feel like I'm still home in a way.
Have a good week
Elder Kameron Lahache

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