Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 17 Working Hard In Delta

Hi! everyone!
Well this week sure has gone by so fast! Me and Elder Nielson are having a blast haha that rhymed, well all that I can say about this week is that it was truly a week of miracles, we have been truly blessed and humbled by the experiences that we've had this week it was amazing!
Last week I was feeling a little down about moving from my old area to my new one, but this week I tried to see how I can grow and become a better missionary and person while I'm here and that perspective makes everything better. Elder Nielson and I are having alot of fun too, but we're working very hard as well, I'm not sure if I told you or not but Elder Nielson started out his mission in Langley too he was just in north Langley and I started out in South Langley and we were already in the same district so we already knew eachother and we're already good friends.
So yeah alot has changed in the Delta area this first week I've been here. We talked to 60 people street contacting this week and gave out 15 copies of the Book of Mormon! I think that's good but next week we want to have talked to more people and give out even more copies. This week we also found 4 new investigators! It's amazing how we are blessed as we do all that we can, that's when we receive help from Heavenly Father. It's been great because we have been doing all that we can to find people, we've been working with members street contacting tracting, the only thing that we are not doing yet is to do some service project, but we are working on that.
The names of our new investigators are, Kit and Richard (Kit's 13 year old son), Hulio, Baljinder and Tajinder.
On Monday night we went to the Santos' house for Family home evening and they invited another member family (The Leano's) and their Landlord's Kit and her son Richard. We had supper there and then we talked about the true meaning of Christmas, and we also talked about Christ's atonement and why it is so important to us and what a wonderful blessing it is that we can partake of the atonement. It was a really good lesson and the spirit was really strong. After that we played some games together with everyone and it was fun. After everyone was all settled down, Kit started to ask some questions about our beliefs and how we came to find out it was true. She wanted to know how we can be so sure in something that we cannot see. So Elder Nielson and I bore our testimonies of how we knew that these things are true. Then Brother and Sister Leano said that if Kit would like she could come over to their house and we would be able to help know for themselves. They said yes and then we met with them again Saturday night, the lesson went really well and we committed Kit and Richard to read and pray about the Book of Mormon to see if it's true. It was such a good lesson I'm so excited for them because they have no belief in God because they're Chinese and apparently in China the government teaches people that there is no God. I'm really excited to help them get closer to God and Jesus Christ and gain their own testimonies.
We found Hulio the first night that I got in Delta and he said that we would be able to come back. So we went back later on in the week and he invited us in and we had a really good discussion about what his beliefs in God are and how he came to know God. He said that we wants to be able to start reading the bible again because he said that he noticed that he felt good when he read it in the past. It's cool because while we were talking about these things Hulio's wife Fransisca and his son Carlos came in and got involved in the conversation too! They're a really nice family though they are from Guatemala and they're lived in B.C. for about 3 years now and they loved in Montreal before they moved here! 

I meet so many people here that used to live in Montreal it's crazy! I've met at least 9 people that used to live there already, it's really nice because it gives us something to talk about and lighten up the mood and make everyone feel comfortable. Because sometimes things get a little intense.
We also found Baljinder while we were tracing around only she was a referral we received from a house that told us that they weren't interested in what we were talking about. So we went over to Baljinder's after we were told to try her house, she opened the door and we told her that we were coming around talking to people about Jesus Christ! Her eyes lit up! She told us to come in and as soon as we walked in the door she called her friend and told her to come over, her friend was Tajinder. So we talked to them alot about the Book of Mormon also and how God continues to speak to us today because he loves us, they both received it very weel and they said that they would love for us to begint to come over and teach so I'm so excited for it!
But yeah those were just some of the amazing things that happened this week there was alot more! I just don't have time to write them all, I can say though that we are truly seeing some amazing miracles happen and I know it's because Elder Nielson and I are doing all that we can to fufill our purpose as missionaries. Our goal is to turn this area around from the worst area in the mission to the best area and make it the place where all the missionaries want to come! We know we can do it as long as we keep our efforts focused on the Lord and we continue to do our best as misssionaries!

Today we're going down to Vancouver so I'm excited to see it! What is Chris Gagnon's e-mail I don't have it on here! 

I can't believe you guys had 40 people at the party that's so many! wow!  I missed being there alot! Especially all the good food! But it's okay because the members here are so nice!

The snow here is already melted and gone! People are complaining how cold it is and I just laugh and tell them that this for me is like fall at home! It's great!  

Anyway let me know how everyone is doing! I love you all!!! Merry Christmas! :)

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