Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, May 16, 2011

Still Serving In Richmond !!!!

Richmond Area Missionaries
Hi Mom and Sonny Boy!
It was good being to talk to everyone last week, and I'm happy that everyone is doing well and everything is good back home. It was so cool to see everyone, it's crazy Kelsey looks like she's grown so much! Tell her I said good job for winning her medal at the Halo run. So did you guys get the Camper this week then? Is everything fixed on it? So are you guys going to hire someone to fix the dinning room or is dad going to do it himself? I don't know why it does that, it seems like it only started to get leaks in there ever since it was renovated.

 We have Kung Fu again today! It's so cool, we learn different forms and techniques and we do stretches always before we start, and before I started to do the Kung Fu I was never able touch my toes in my entire life, BUT now I can and it feels so good. I also got a haircut today.

So as I told you on Sunday we had transfers this week so........Elder Williams and I are still in the office! Now Elder Williams has been my longest companion and Richmond has been my longest area, I was happy that I didn't get transferred because the work has been really picking up the past few weeks and we are finally starting to build a relationship with the members. So yeah Elder Williams and I will be here until the end of June at least. But this week was awesome! We were able to teach so many people we started teaching a new investigator this week his name is Rob and he was introduced to the church through one of his friends who's in the YSA ward in Langley. he's so cool! It always helps to strengthen my faith to see that Heavenly Father loves his children, I mean he's literally putting these people in our path! I feel so blessed with the opportunity to meet and teach all these people, and it feels like I'm learning more from them that they are from me.
 The weather here has been getting better, it's rained for the past few days and it's only cloudy today, people here are still going crazy over the Canucks, but I want San Hose to win so Cody will be happy, it's cool because there is this one guy in our ward who tells me the scores and who is in the playoffs and other stuff like that.

 Camala also came to church again this week and she's still progressing and doing really good, Elder Williams and I felt that many of our investigators weren't making much progress or didn't see a reason to apply what we've taught them. So we decided that we would pray and fast and ask Heavenly Father what to do. So we were in our weekly planning session and we both received the impression that we needed to help our investigators pray to receive revelation so we decided that we would go over it with all our investigators again and now all our investigators are sincerely seeking revelation from God. It's awesome! I'm so grateful for the blessing that it is to be able to pray to our Heavenly Father. I know that when we do pray and ask Heavenly Father
that he hears and answers us.

 Anyway I hope everyone is having a good week

 And Dad asked for the mail box in America so here it is

P.O. 149 Point Roberts, Washington 98281

 Bye Love You
 Elder Kameron Lahache

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