Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sill In Burnaby !

 Hey everyone!

 Well I have some news for you guys as you know last week was transfers, and I had no idea what was going to happen. Well.......... Elder McGahan is still in Burnaby and.................................I'm still in Burnaby! I was actually really happy that I got to stay so I should be here now until the first week in December.

 Also to answer your question about e-mailing on Monday, yes we are supposed to e-mail on Tuesday when there's a holiday on Monday. It's really hard to find time to write though especially when our week starts and we get working. We'll have to do better and I know it's very important for you to hear from me so I'm sorry for those weeks that I haven't written.

 Who are some of the less active members that you went and visited on Thursday? Have you seen blazes family in a while, I was thinking about their family the other day. We'll have to do something to help them come back to church.

 This week has been great though, Burnaby has really changed alot this week, we found 4 new investigators this week. I know that we found each and every one of them because the spirit guided to where we needed to be. We had a meeting with Rose and Kristina, Gordie's mother and older sister. It went really well, they had so many questions with us and Elder McGahan and I were talking about how the lesson went afterwords and we both felt the spirit strongly! Kristina is really searching for God in her life, she's a little sensitive about talking about God though just because so many people have gone overboard with her about it in the past. She told us that she wants to go to church though and that she is really interested in reading the Book of Mormon, so is Rose. So it was great I'm so grateful and I know that Heavenly Father is truly softening the hearts of Gordie and his family every week.

 My testimony was also strengthened this week to know that Heavenly Father truly prepares people to receive us. People who are sincerely searching for the gospel, then when we are listening to the spirit we can be led to them. Last week Elder McGahan and I were going to visit a member that Bishop asked us to go see. So we went stop by the "address" only to find that it's an abandoned church! So we start walking back to the car and we cross paths with this man, he asks us who we are and we tell him that we're the missionaries and then he shrugs that off and begins to walk away. But then he stops in his tracts turns around and says oh well what church is that? So we told him and started talking about Heavenly Father with him, turns out that he's been searching for God and trying to feel his love in his life, but hasn't found it. So we went and we visited him Saturday night! It was amazing, he told us his experiences that he's had in his life (his> name is Brad) and we shared with Brad the message of the restoration. After we were telling him about the Holy Ghost and the role that he plays in testifying to us the truth. He said that it made sense and that he wanted to feel it and he committed himself to pray everyday and he set up the next appointment for us to come back. I thought it was pretty cool! But really what helped him be open with us were his experience that he has had. It's cool to see how Heavenly Father works in people's lives.

 So for Halloween today we have to stay in our apartment so it will be my only day that I'm not allowed to do missionary work and be out talking to people it will be weird. But we're planning on handing out candy, and giving pass along cards with the candy ha ha!

 Anyway I'll talk to you guys later have a great day! Happy HALLOWEEN!

 Elder Kameron Lahache

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