Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, December 19, 2011

Elders Lahache and Henderson at Ward Christmas Party

 Hey everyone!

 Christmas is just around the corner, I can't believe it already! Everyone at home must be so excited to get together with the family! So first thing is I forgot my camera, but I brought my cable for it! I'm sorry! If I have time during the week I'll come and send you pictures, we're just so busy as missionaries I really don't have time to take any pictures. We're always working, we can't really afford to slow down for 2 minutes there's always so much to do. Always one more person to talk to one more door to knock one more person to call or one more record to fill out.

Burnaby really picked up in these last few weeks and we need to be organized and be on the ball all the time to make sure that everything continues to run smooth. This is all about the people and we cannot afford to let them down. That being said I've had to become much more organized which I am now, luckily I've had many good companions in the past that I've been able to learn much from and they have helped shape me into the missionary that I am today! It's important to always be doing to BEST things especially as a missionary. It's like in the talk that dad wrote there are good choices, better choices and the best choices.

 I will definitely make time to take pictures in the future, pictures that I'm in. I'm honestly lost in the work and it's crazy because I'm constantly thinking about people and what they need. It's when I'm thinking about these people early in the morning or late at night that Heavenly Father often blesses me with the inspiration that I need to help these people out. I rely so much on receiving answers from Heavenly Father, I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for the gift of the Holy Ghost as a missionary.

 We are continuing to find people who are prepared, we have been steadily finding 1-2 new investigators a week. Not many of them get past the first lesson, but it's good to always be finding new people to teach.

 Elder Henderson is a great missionary, he's from Bountiful Utah! He's super excited to be on in mission, and always carries the spirit with him when he speaks. I can feel it and I'm excited to see that spirit that he will continue to bring into lessons as we teach in unity together.

 This week is going to be great were going caroling with the Kutney family on Friday night, and we're going to be going to visit some of their friends as well as some less active members in the ward. I'm excited we went caroling last year in Delta and it was great!

 So on Christmas day, we have church, I believe from 9:30-10:30 A.M. So I think I would call after church so probably around 11:00 here so 2:00 around at home. Hopefully that works, if it doesn't just call the mission office and tell them to send me the message. We're planning on working pretty much the whole day, someone has invited us over for Christmas dinner so that will be great! But I'm excited to go out and meet some people on 
Christmas, it's going to be just another work day as a missionary.

 I have a couple of good ideas to do that will make contacting more effective on Christmas, we're going to sing a song and share with them Luke 2 or maybe the Joy to the World DVD. Then ask them if we can come back another day. I'm excited to see how it will work. I haven't received the Christmas package that is wrapped yet, but when it gets to the mission office I will go pick it up for sure!

 Thanks for the socks and jams and the scones too. I really needed those socks I only had 1 good pair of socks left!

 I am so grateful for my mission, because I feel that I am becoming the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be. I get to help so many other people too and that brings me great happiness. I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm not a missionary anymore. Luckily it's still far away so I get to focus on this work which I love.

 I'm super proud and happy for Cody and the decision that he's made to go on a mission. I know that the Lord will bless him and he will be a great missionary.

Have a great week! I love you guys I'll talk to you on Sunday!

Elder Kameron Lahache

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