Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, December 5, 2011


Hey everyone!

 The Christmas season has officially begun! Isn't it awesome, I love seeing all the lights and everyone is happy to see each other the music is heartwarming. It's truly one of the most wonderful times of the year! 
 So first of all I have to say, and I know this e-mail won't do justice, but WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

First snowfall in Burnaby and our  haggard snowman
 Thank you so much for that package that you sent me. I wasn't expecting to get anything this early. I love the ties, I've worn them both already and everyone has been complimenting them. They're really nice. Thank you also for the iPod it's funny because I was debating whether or not I was going to buy an MP3 player soon, because it's become a pain to carry all my CD's that I've acquired on my mission. I was so surprised and so shocked. Elder McGahan and I were at home we were doing our weekly planning, and we just finished and were getting ready to eat lunch when I hear the doorbell ring. So I ran to the door because I always do it's just exciting the get visitors to our house. I open the door and the first thing I see is the UPS truck, then I notice that the UPS man is standing right in front of me. He said hi does Kameron Lahache live here, it was weird because I didn't recognize my name for like half a second. But then I said yes that's me, and he told me that the package was for me. So I grabbed it but I didn't open it for another hour at least. I was wondering the whole time what it could possibly be. I thought it was the razors for my shaver or something so I was like sweet. Then I opened the package read the letter and I figured that you sent me Dad's old creative MP3 which was still sweet. But then I opened more and I was like WOW!!!!!!!! Thank you I bought a cable to connect it with the car today and we're listening to awesome Christmas music.

 Well I hope that no one is sick of me saying this, but MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING IN BURNABY! Left and right I honestly can't believe how blessed Elder McGahan and I have been in our area. So on Friday night I think it was Elder McGahan and I were out tracting on a street. We got to this one house and a lady answers the door. We start to explain to her that we're the missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She said that she knew who we were and that surprised us because not too many people just come out and tell us that. So we asked her how she knows us and she said that she used to meet with sister missionaries. She then went on to tell us that she appreciated what we were doing but she felt that she learned enough and that she felt that she needed to learn more about the bible before she would start to investigate The Book of Mormon further. That made me sad, but we do have to respect people's free will. So we went to the next house and knocked on the door. No one answered then we felt like we should go back to that ladies house again and ask her if she knew anyone we would be able to teach. So we went back and asked her and she said that she knew of this one person only she didn't really remember where she lived. So we gave her our card with our phone number on it and we said that if she remembers to please call us. She said she would and that was it. We got back to our apartment and we noticed that we had a voice mail, so we checked it and it was the lady who we gave our card to! She said that she had some questions for us and if we had time the next day she wanted to meet us to talk. Elder McGahan and I both freaked! So we went back the next night and we got to meet up with The Lady (Shannon) and her daughter Maria. It was a great lesson, we brought Brother Poetker and he shared his testimony it was great. We'll be hopefully going back later this week.

 The first Presidency devotional was great. We got John Wuttunee to come to church and he thought it was great. He loved the devotional too, I'm so excited for the wonderful things that have been happening here. It must be the awesome Christmas spirit. 
One HUGE Shar Pei like Shawn H's Congi away mon chienne

 Oh dad I was just thinking about you eggplant parmigiana this week. I smelt something similar this week, I was just dying for it! So I look forward to having it again in the future.

 Hope everyone has a great week.

 Tell everyone at home I love them, and I miss them especially around Christmas time. I know that this work is worth it though, we are helping people have better lives by coming unto Christ.

 Elder Kameron Lahache

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