Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, November 22, 2010

First Snowfall in BC !

Elder Lahaches Apartment

Hi everyone!

 So I've been thinking alot this week trying to figure out what to ask for Christmas, so I would like the things I asked for last week I can't even remember what I asked for and the only other thing that I could think of is some more CD's and prefect pushup bars. That is all!

 This week was really great we now have 4 progressing investigators Tony, Jen, Brad and Peter. We have Taloo as well but he's having a difficulty understanding what we teach him because his first language isn't so we're going really slowly with him making sure that he understands everything well. Taloo had a baptismal date for November 27th but we decided to move it because we felt that his understanding wasn't fully there yet.

 Also this week we got 2 new potential investigators their names are Gene and Bryce. So we met all these people one night while we we're tracting and it's actually the most success I've seen to come from tracting my whole mission so it felt really good. Gene met with missionaries before so she was happy to see us she said that the missionaries just stopped coming to see her one day and she never heard from them after that, apparently that was about a year ago. She asked for the address of the church and she said that she would love to have us back so I was really happy. Byrce is a really philosophical guy and we had a good conversation with him about what he believed and what he thought of religion. He was really surprised with some of the beliefs that we have and he said that he was interested in learning more so we're going to be going to visit with him later this week!

Snow Covered Mountains

 We had a lesson with Jen on Monday I think I might have told you guys about it already I'm not really sure, but anyway it went really well she said that she feels that when she goes to church and thinks about Jesus more that there is this light in her life. So we told her that we would be able to help her feel that light all the time and she really liked that, I felt the spirit so strong when I bore my testimony to her about Jesus Christ and his atonement I know that it's true.

 It snowed here on Friday night and there has been snow here every since! It's only around -2 right now but the mountains are all full of snow and it's so nice! I want to go snowboarding so bad! But I guess I'll have to wait. People keep saying that this winter is supposed to be the worst winter that B.C. has had for 50 years so I'm saying bring it on! I was so excited to see the snow and it made everything alot brighter because it's nice to see white instead of everything seem all gray because it's cloudy all the time. Elder Hayes and I are really excited for Christmas so we already started to listen to Christmas music. 32 days until Christmas that's crazy time is flying by. I think I might go buy a jacket soon maybe this week or next week I'm not really sure.

Anyway that's pretty much the highlights of the week
We're using different computers today so I can send pictures so I'll show you how much it snowed here

Love you!!!


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