Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 14

This week was a slower week, because like I was saying last week alot of the people who we've been meeting with aren't interested in hearing our message right now. So Elder Hayes and I have been trying to come up with new ideas on how we can find some new people to teach to. We do alot of door knocking but that is not very successful. So we've been praying alot this week asking God what we should do.
 Later on in the week there was a missionary who served where Elder Hayes lived (Toronto) and he called Elder Hayes,  they were talking about what are some of the ways that he found new investigators. He said that he came up with this program called "The Island", basically it's a program where we give members a goal. The goal could be getting their friend to come to church or just attend a family home evening or a really good goal is be baptized. So we would establish that goal and we'd say ok well what are 3 steps that you as a member can take to help your friend achieve this goal. So we would come up with 3 steps and a date by which they will have it accomplished. Then we will follow up to see if the member did it or not. I think it's a little tough for some members, but I guess sometimes we need a push to do missionary work and once we feels the good feelings that it brings us then we will be more willing to do it ourselves.
So we're going to be trying for the first time tonight with the Bishops family so we are excited to see how it will go!
We're trying this out because in a meeting that we had in the MTC there was a saying that says, If you always do what you've always done then you will get what you've always gotten. So tracting hasn't been really getting us any new people to teach. So this new Island program is going to help us to work with the members.
This past week I have been really amazed because I have really noticed the spirit working through me this week. We were teaching a lesson and we were teaching a topic that I always had difficulty explaining, but in this one lesson I was able to teach about the apostasy so simply in a way that I never even thought of, it was like the idea just came into my head out of nowhere. I knew that inspiration I received was the spirit helping me, it's happened many times through my mission but I really noticed and was grateful for having the companionship of the spirit this week.
Have you guys installed the new stove yet? Does Kells actually have a sports team now! I remember that Cody would play after school for for but I don't remember them ever having teams, that's cool though and it's awesome that he's really good at basketball. Elder Hayes and I have been trying to start a sports night like the missionaries did back home, we had our first one this week and there was 3 people who weren't members of the church! So it was really successful and everyone had a good time so hopefully it will continue to be a good event.
Is everyone getting excited for Christmas, it's so weird because this time last year I was working night shift at Toys R Us and now I'm on my mission, for 3 months already I guess it's not really that long but time seems like it's flying by
Hope everything if going good for everyone at home I think about you guys alot!

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