Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Transfered to Prince George

Hey everyone!

 Well I just want to let you all know that first of all after forever I have finally been transferred to an new area! I'm now serving in Prince George in northern British Columbia. I am now a zone leader and my new companion is Elder Larsen from Bountiful Utah. I feel so blessed and privileged to serve here. Mom did you call Sister Tilleman or did Sister Tilleman call you? It seems that lately you've been receiving quite a bit of phone calls from people in the mission! So I was sad to leave Burnaby especially after being there for almost a year, but I'm really excited to work up here in Prince George. The ward here is smaller, I would say there was about 80 people in sacrament meeting. prince George is awesome though, the members and people here are really nice. The pace here is significantly slower, people actually stop and take time to talk as opposed to down in Vancouver, where we usually talk for max 2 minutes. So over the next several weeks I will be adjusting to this new style of missionary work, but I'm so excited to be here!

 We drove up and it's about a 10 hour drive, we left Richmond Thursday afternoon and arrived Friday morning at 10:30 A.M. we slept in a city called Williams lake which is about 2 hours south or Prince George. I drove the whole time, it actually wasn't as bad as I was anticipating it to be, we had some good music and conference talks to listen to so that made it fly by. The drive was amazing and beautiful as well, we drove through the mountains and the Okanagan, which is pretty much like a dessert. It was cool. I didn't really have enough time to say goodbye to anyone, I went say goodbye to Gordie and his family and some other investigators that we were teaching and that was it! We we're so busy because we had to switch apartments with another companionship of missionaries on Wednesday then transfers were Thursday. So it's been a crazy week!

 Prince George is actually much sunnier than Vancouver, at least with my experience of it so far, it's fairly warm out usually 10 degrees on average I would say, yesterday we were out contacting in our suits and that was it, no jackets or anything. There was a lot of snow a few weeks ago but it's all gone now. The weather and landscape really reminds me of home. In Prince George we have three companionships of missionaries, there's Elder Larsen and myself, then there's the sister missionaries (Sister Brushard and Sister Nutell) and a senior couple (Elder and Sister Sterner). We all live in the same apartment complex too which is nice. I honestly haven't seen them though outside of church.

Elder Larsen and I are scheduled to have a baptism this upcoming Saturday! The names of the people getting baptized are David and Linda Ash, they are wonderful people! They have such a powerful testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They asked that I confirm both of them! Also Linda wants me to sing at the baptism, needless to say Elder Larsen and I are both excited. I'm so excited for the work here, on Sunday a man came to church who wasn't a member and said that one of his friends who's currently investigating invited him to come to church. We talked with him for a bit after church and he said that he loved it and we have an appointment to meet with him this upcoming Friday! How sweet is that, new investigator! Pretty crazy to hear that Uncle Jay is the new YSA branch President he'll do a great job!

 I'll be sending pictures of the baptism next week! I'm just so very grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission for my Heavenly Father. I look back on my mission and I just can't believe the amazing miracles that I've been able to experience. I have complete and total trust in my Heavenly Father, I know that Elder Larsen and I are going to do good here!

 Have a great week, hope you all get feeling well soon!

 Elder Kameron Lahache

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