Elder Laahche

Elder Laahche
Canada Vanvouver Mission 2010 - 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Amazing Conference

Hey Mom and Dad,
 It's good to hear that everyone at home enjoyed conference. I felt like I was soaking it all up. My spiritual thirst was quenched! I love the abundance of the Spirit that can be felt at each and every single conference. It honestly doesn't surprise me that Jason is already talking about Halloween so funny. It's really cool to hear that you were able to help the young men with the food too Dad. I always say this but I feel so blessed to be a missionary, we receive so many blessings. I know that the lessons that I'm learning here will help me become a better person for the rest of my life! I love the people that we're teaching in Burnaby! I would do anything for them, every time I think of it my testimony of the eternal nature of family grows! We're all children of Heavenly Father so we're all brothers and sisters, and what a privilege it is for me to help my brothers and sister receive the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a blessing it is for us to be a family. We were all taught from General Authorities this weekend about how powerful the family is, it really hit me hard as I listened to the inspired words of M. Russell Ballard! The spirit confirmed to me that we should build strong families, and families should be built upon the sure foundation of the the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just as it says in Helaman 5:12, if we build upon this foundation we will not fall.
 I'm grateful that I can share these wonderful experiences that I have out here with you! It's crazy a mission seems like it's a lifetime crammed into two years! I am so grateful for the lessons that I have and continue to learn here.
 I am very grateful that Heavenly Father has given us all an opportunity to be a family. I am grateful that through the Gospel and the ordinances performed in the temple that our family can be together forever. Your right it's amazing the have Colton in our family. I can't picture our family without him, same goes for Cody and Kelsey.
 We had a chance to go over and meet with Krassimiere two times this week. There is both good news and bad news. The bad news is he won't be getting baptised on Saturday as we had planned. But the good news is that he still wants to work toward being baptized and is 100% committed. We ran into some problems with the tithing, funny thing is that Krass is perfectly fine with it and is willing to pay. However his wife Maya is really hesitant, and I would say almost against it at this point. Which is completely understandable because if I didn't have a testimony of the Gospel why would I pay tithing? Their whole situation really reminds me of when you both started meeting with the missionaries, because Krass is so open and ready to go and Maya is
really reserved and a little skeptical. What did the missionaries do that helped mom to open up?! I remember that mom always would say that she would sit in on lessons which is very similar to how it is going with Maya. You know what would be great? Is if you can just write out everything that happened then I can print it and give it the Krass and Maya! That way they would feel the power of your testimonies! Would you do that? =) I just feel it's what they need to help them progress.
 Remember a month or two ago I told you about a lady named Betty? Well she is incredibly prepared! We had a chance to meet with her last Tuesday and we talked about the importance of prophets, we bore her our testimony that Heavenly Father has called a prophet on the earth today. She told us that she believed it and that she wanted to watched general conference. We also got to meet with her daughter Tessa, and she told us in the middle of the meeting that she really liked that we> referred to God as Heavenly Father, she said she's never heard anyone call him that before and that it was really powerful. We are so blessed to have this understanding in the church that we do have a Father in Heaven who loves us and wants what's best for us. Just like our parents on earth want us to be the best that we possibly can and be happy! It makes sense and it's true. Anyway Betty is doing really well, we don't get to meet with her as often as we would like, she's recovering from cancer and it drains much of her energy. When we do meet though, the spirit is always there. She's an incredibly humble lady, and Elder Henderson and I both feel privileged with the opportunity it is to teach her the Gospel.
 I didn't receive my Easter package yet! But we are in Richmond today and if it's there I am going to grab it. We also didn't have time to grab those pictures at Wal-Mart yet, we'll be going to get those today as well.
 I realized the next day that when I wrote you last week I pretty much wished you a happy Easter when it's this upcoming weekend, not last weekend. So happy Easter! and I hope that everything goes good at Best Western!
 Have a good week!
 Elder Kameron Lahache

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